Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I get home from work and it is really humid and I didn't feel like cooking.   Bill was so tired from working the night shift.   He was looking a little pie eyed when I suggested to go out for dinner and what did my love say but okay.  He is hungry and knows its a choice between cold simple sandwiches or a nice thick steak.  We went out to dinner. 

We went to Bugaboo Creek.  It looks like the inside of a trapper's cabin.  It has moose heads, deer heads, and mounted fish hanging on the walls.  A huge bear greeting the customers stood against the wall.  The lamps were made of deer antlers.   Fishing gear, nets, and pictures of every kind of hunting hanging on the walls.  A Canadian Mountie was by the hostess station.

They have great Mudslides but I resisted the urge and went with  a diet soda.  We had crab cakes for appetizer.  They were okay.  It was a little on the greasy side.   I enjoyed a Caesar salad with no cheese, no croutons, and dressing on the side.  I had an 8 oz steak with creamy mash potatoes.  I do love this dish I get it every time I am in here.  I didn't take pictures of this dinner even though I have taken to carrying a camera  around with me.  I was hungry.  Food comes first.  I get very cranky when I get hungry.    Bill ordered a NY strip which he had them redo because it was well done and my man likes his strip medium rare.  I finished my meal and his NY strip came out late but perfect.  

I ordered dessert.  It was delicious and it was huge.  We shared it.  We only ate a little bit and took the more than half  home. 

I asked Bill after dinner,  if he would like to take a walk with me.  It would help with the digestion and the real reason to work off some of those calories.  I had been good most of the day.  I did the portion control and ate the right foods.  I just needed to add the exercise to the mix.  We took the Lando with us.  He can always use exercise the little fur ball.  I have to change that he lost most of the fur.

We waited an hour for the sun to go down a bit and then I applied bug spray.  The mosquitoes come out at dusk.  We walked for 3.5 miles.  I felt great.  As we are on on way home.  Bill spotted a this little retile.  I got a hold of Lando's leash I didn't want him to go after it and eat it. I was ticked I didn't bring my camera but I did bring my phone.  I took a few pictures thinking this was your average garden snake.

Being so naive, I  didn't think anything of it when Bill tried to pick it up by the tail.  We don't have poisonous snakes in DE.

I believe he wouldn't get hurt if he tried to pick up a snake.  Bill is from here.  As he tried to get a hold, the snake did a position that remind me of a rattlesnake.  To my little knowledge of a safe snake, if there is such a thing as a safe snake, most snakes try to slither away. This snake did not do this typical reaction. In fact this reaction reminded me of an aggressive snake.  This tiny snake even rattled his little tail.  You could see it.

Bill, being the crocodile hunter, tried again and this snake got in his pose and stared at Bill and waited for a chance to strike a gain. 

Bill kept reassuring me that we don't have rattlers. "Are you sure?"  He said yes, but we have water moccasins and diamond heads.  I  shrieked.  Was he kidding?!? I know it is small but come on it is still a  snake.  Bill explained that it almost looks like a diamond head but that it wasn't.  I think what he was telling me was a web of lies!!!(insert wicked laugh) He told me this so I wouldn't be a big ole wuss and to calm the hell down.

He assured me that it is too small to do any damage.    I kept urging Bill to put it down and move away.   The snake may be small but he was VERY feisty.   I know about being small and feisty, because I am both.  Never underestimate things that come in small packages. 

The snake slithered away while I ran away to my safe little home dragging the dog by the leash and leaving Bill in his glory of taming a snake.

  Snake Charmer's Wife  Abbie


  1. Sounds like you had a really enjoyable evening! Your dinner sounded fabulous and that dessert....I obviously need some sweets right about now!

    That's so crazy about the snake. Personally, I'm not a fan and wouldn't be as daring to get that close!

  2. Ummmm YIKES!!! Snakes are my numero uno fear! I with you -- I don't care how small or *safe* it is -- they give me the heebie jeebies BIG time!

    And that dessert looks like a piece of heaven!!!

  3. Positively Preppy - I did have a great evening!!! I was very good and only had a few bites of my sinful dessert. Each bite was so divine. yum

    As far as the snake, I think I am married to a daredevil.

  4. Cyn - The dessert was sooooo goood. I think I burned off maybe an eighth of the calories. haha
    I am right there with you about the snakes. It gave me the shivers especially after that little tail started to shake.

  5. That restaurant sounds like a place my hubby would love. And that dessert! It looks amazing!

    And snakes for me!

  6. WOW! What an adventurous evening Abbie! Ergh! Snakes chill me to the bone, but this guy seemed ok ;o)
    That dessert looks amazing! AND huge! Lovely :o)

  7. Ugh we've had snakes in our garden lately. I don't like them........hugs

  8. Jules - The food is good for a hungry man!!

  9. Julie - It is not your normal evening. I am planning to do go for a walk tonight.

    Hopefully no icky reptiles!!! But I will bring my camera just in case.

  10. Blog Buttons - Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Snakes in your garden!!! Do you wear rubber boots? Because that would be the only way I would go out in the yard.

  11. Katherine- Snakes are not on my list of things to see, hear, or touch either.

  12. Oh, I am not a snake fan. I think I would have stayed very far away and implored my husband to do the same. Though, it sounds like your husband was very intent on his snake taming! :)

    That desert looks like it was worth every calorie to me.

  13. Grumpy Grateful Mom - The man was on a mission no one could have stopped him!


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