Friday, June 3, 2011

Friend or Foe

When we came back from Ireland, the day after we recovered from jet lag.  We went to Home Depot and got vegetables and flowers for our garden.

It was so beautiful, green, and with lots of healthy foods in Ireland. We were thinking of what we wanted to grow and to make our house look pretty. 

We wanted to strike while the iron was hot.  Last year, we didn't or should I say I didn't plant anything.  I just got rid of the weeds and even that was iffy.  It was ungodly hot last year and our backyard faces the west.  I barely went outside. 

This spring has been a true spring.  What I mean is, we have had a longer spring. Cool nights and perfect 70 degree temperatures for a much longer period of time.  I didn't have to turn on the air conditioner until this past weekend.  Up until this year,  I would have been forced to turn it on by mid May.

Bill and my son planted carrots, strawberries, tomatoes.  In fact, three kinds of tomatoes. Yellow, big boy, and cherry tomatoes.  He also planted squash, green and red peppers. 

I planted some herbs.  My favorite is cilantro.  I just love the way it smells.

This year, we have noticed that there have been an increase in rabbits.  We have seen rabbits from time to time over the years. But for some reason, this year I see them everywhere.

When I walk Lando, the rabbits are in peoples' yards not just mine. Everytime Lando sees one, he takes off after them.  I try to see ahead so I can tightly hold on to the leash.  I don't want my baby to get run over by a car.

I have been seeing these two little guys in the early morning or late afternoon.

Bill saw them when they were really tiny.  We think they are so cute.  Bill did take notice that at one time, they were so little they could walk through the chicken wire and  could eat the seedlings.  The rabbits are growing up quite nicely.

It has been a month and they are still here and hiding under my shed.  They hide and sleep there.  They usually run there when Lando goes into the back yard. 

When the side door of our house is open, Lando sits there and looks for intruders.  Furry little intruders more precisely.

As the rabbits have gotten older, I have named them Bunny fufus.  For Bill, he sees them as stew.  He told me today he was thinking of getting a snare and trap them. He says that to torment me.  He wouldn't do that.  Bill loves all animals.

As of right now, they are friendly woodland creatures.  But if they start eating his vegetables, he will start thinking cross things.

I hope they get big really fast.

Elmer's wife, Abbie


  1. I have seen a few bunnies already, wondering around my house. They are the cutest things! Glad to know your husband was joking about making stew out of them haha! :)

  2. Little mischief makers! So cute though. Some of Jensen's favorite books are Benjamin Bunny and Peter Cottontail.

  3. What a wonderful garden you have. I found you at Java's meme. I am your newest follower. Nice to meet you. Have a great weekend, and stop by some time, and maybe you could follow me too & check out my give-away.

  4. Morgan - Yes my husband is kidding. He would not hurt them. He likes to rile me up. Its what makes us work. haha

  5. Amy- I remember those characters. I used to read them to my kids. Will have to buy those books again and read them to my grandkids.

  6. Introducing Mr Cool - thank you for stopping by and being a new follower.

    Thank you for your compliment of the garden. It needs to be weeded. ugh one thing about a garden, it needs to be weeded all the time.

  7. giggle, hang in there hopefully they'll find their snacks elsewhere. Thank You so much for stopping by Katherines Corner. I am happily following your sweet blog too. We have two large raised bed veggie gardens. Nothing taste sweeter than a tomato straight from the vine on a hot summer day. Hugs and have a great weekend!

  8. Katherine - Thank you for your comments and thank you for being a new follower.

    I am so looking forward to the vegetables to be picked.

    You have a great weekend as well!!


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