Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bad Hair Day

 My Lando.  My sweet little dog.  My hairy love.

 I have been a bad mommy.  I have not kept on his grooming.

He is not your traditional schnauzer.  He doesn't have coarse hair.  It is soft and it curls. I love petting him.  Lando looks like a little bear.  His eyebrows need to be done.  His beard needs to be trim.  He reminds  me of a woolly lamb.  You know it is bad, when a child comes out of her home and spots the dog. She yells for her mom saying there is raccoon in the front yard. I love
Lando with long soft curly hair.   There is a window of time, when his long hair is the perfect length and after that his hair gets matted really easily.

I made the appointment.  The drastic change it will be.  I will arrive to a new dog.

 Lando looks like a different dog.

Lando is still soft but now he is neat and trim.  I miss his shagginess.  I know it will grow back.

And then he will return..... 

Patient Abbie


  1. I love the long curly cute.

  2. Jules - It gave him a certain look. I

  3. Oh Lando -- you look divine! (But you were equally as cute before the makeover...)

  4. Cyn - Lando told me to tell you woof woof (Thank You)!

  5. Oh wow! He is so SO cute! Beautiful breed of dog and Lando looks like a real character. He will not know himself without all that hair :o)

  6. Mama of 2 - He is something else. He felt free but colder. It's like he is almost nude. haha


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