Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Right

Today is an important day
It is November 6, 2012.
Election Day

As much as I have been bombarded with
all the commercials
the debates
the mail from the candidates to vote for them
Radio annoucements
Tea Party
Swing States
Early Voting
Voter ID
I still take great pleasure honor in walking into the voting booth and casting my ballot.

I feel empowered just waiting in line.  I love the whole process:
telling the polling people my name
having them look for it,
Signing on the dotted line,
and the the  moment when I enter the booth.

I stand in there and absorb what I am about to do.

Many people prior to me have fought for this right,
Stood up to oppression,
just so I can walk to my nearest polling place and vote.

When I am happy, I tend to sing or hum. When I vote, I tend to hum the Jeopardy theme song while I look at my choices.  My little ditty.  I look at both sides and then start pushing the buttons to the people who I feel will do the best job.

I double check my work and then hit the final green button.

As much as I love to do this, it is over way to quickly.

I take great honor knowing I did my part.

Whatever your affiliation, vote.  I am glad I passed this feeling to Donna Marie.

My daughter has done me proud she received an Excellent Voter report Card. She has voted in every election since she was eligible to vote.

She beat me to the voting booths this year! 

Proud American Abbie

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pop Rocks Big Kid Style


Do you ever outgrow it?

Apparently that answer is no!

My grandkids were together for the first time.  It was fantastic! 

They were all dressed, had their bags in their hands, and their parents to guide them through the evening. I gave them their first candy to wish them a great success in getting their sweet treasures. 

Bill went out with them.  He has always liked to go with them and do the walk.  I, on the other hand, liked to stay home and give out candy.  I also clean.  It is my thing on this day.

Not many homes were giving out candy due to unfortunate circumstances.  (Hurricane Sandy)  They returned fairly quickly.  They did recieve a nice amount of candy

When the kids were allowed to eat their candy, the sugar rush emerged. Their parents looted their stash and picked out their favorites.  Naturally, they could only do that with the younger set.  Older kids tend to be a little more guarded from scavengers.

I had bought Pop Rocks and I forgot to put them in the container of candies to give out to the trick or treaters.  My oldest saw them and grabbed one.  She and her brother and their respective spouses decided to eat them with soda.  Its seems they wanted to try an experiment with sweet and noisy confection.

Their reactions were priceless.

In the middle of the zaniness, my little angel Josiah smiles.
 My Josiah 
my heart
Happy Halloween Abbie

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Preparing for Sandy

For the past few days, we have been preparing for this "Frankenstorm".  Superstorm, Storm of the century.  It has been all over the news. 

I hadn't taken it seriously a few days ago.  It was a typical hurricane and was supposed to venture to the right when it makes it way north.

Apparently, it decided to hook up with another system and try a  different route.  Literally,  straight for us.  Lucky us.

It seems and that every few years it has to rain and flood my basement.  I  am due for a flooding and  guess who is going to help, Sandy.  The only thing that makes this different than other years is there is a very good chance that we may lose power.  If I lose power, the flooding will get worse. because my sump pump needs electricity.  I can't imagine what 12 inches of rain can do. 

I am hoping for the best.  I have stocked up on water, candles, and dry goods.  This time around I will have extra company.  My son and his family will ride out the storm with us.

Hope everyone makes through this with minimum damage.

Hurricane Abbie

Friday, October 26, 2012

Lovin on my baby

My baby boy.

My shadow, when he was so small.  He followed me everywhere.

The last of my original angels.

My stubborn, sweet, and charming son.





Where did the time go?

Love him

Abbie, known by him as Mom

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October Day

I have new housemates.  They are the cutest in my eyes.  My son and his family have temporarily moved in and it is great to be greeted by these Angels, when I come home. 

 It was a beautiful day.  Warm with a slight breeze and blue skies.  I took advantage of it and took them in the back yard.

Liam walked around and Zoe loved the texture of the grass.  Actually, Zoe loved to rip the grass out.  I guess it is her way of helping Pappy with mowing the lawn.  She noticed that it was also fun to rain grass on Liam's head.

Liam would laugh and Zoe would get some more grass.  She was having such a good time.
No they are not in the safari or wilderness, that is my backyard.  In desperate need of a mowing and trimming!  Who knew grass still grows in late October??

I love this picture of him. 
Wonder what he is thinking? Its more like "I'm getting tired".
We enjoyed our fall day.
Autumn Lovin'Abbie

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday 10/24/12

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Tale of Two Men

Where to begin? 
Its not that I don't have stories to tell but my life has had many turns and changes.
My mind was on full alert and I had no time to just think about me over this past year.  Sounds selfish.  I know. 

The bulk of my attention was aimed at the two men in my life. 
My Dad and my son.

My dad's health since his heart attack and triple by pass surgery had consumed my thoughts and my mind. The constant trips to the city.  Talking to his doctors. Sorting out his medicines.  Making sure he knew what his medicines were for and how to take them.  I found out that he took his medicines when he thought to take them and not when he should. Going to specialists and preparing for the day he would need dialysis.  Finding out his heart has been severely damaged.  Fighting through his fears, fighting with my mom and her issues, trying to build a relationship with a brother. A brother I had met just a year ago and getting him to help me with our Dad and meeting his family. 

On top of that...
My son

We visited him for the last time in Colorado and then the repercussions that happened after we left. His wife is in the Air Force and her time was coming up when she would get out of the military.  The isolation that he felt when we left, the despair.  It came and hit him hard.  He couldn't wait any longer to be free from the strict rules of military life.

Sean was in the military and when his time was up, he became a stay at home time dad.  It was a little rough.  His wife worked sometimes 12 to 14 hour days.  They had only one car and he was stuck at home.  He just reached the end of his rope.

Things are better now, he is in our home with his family. My son has family around and Sean is not feeling isolated. They are getting the time they need to rebuild the relationship they had prior to the kids. Sean and his wife are not drowning with all the craziest that comes with having a family so young and you are far from home. Sometimes you need a break and it helps when you have people you can trust around.

While trying to solve all the worlds problems, there has been the one who was by my side.   Just waiting for  me to reach out for help.   My Rock.  My love. The one constant.  My husband Bill, who supported me through the nightmares and heartaches.

I have always taken things on and not ask for any help.  I hate depending on someone when I can do it myself.  Wonder where my son gets it from?  ha ha
I didn't like sharing this with Bill. But he needed to know where I was going especially when I left the state.  It is only right.  Sometimes I felt bad for giving him so much bad news.  Too much for one person to handle. 

During the crisis, my husband received news that his dearest sister's mother in law died suddenly.  I can only imagine the struggle of who to be with and comfort. Stay with his wife or be with his loving sister.  Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

He stayed with me until my dad was in better condition and the day before the funeral he was able to come back home and be with her.   I hated to put him in that position.  Bill is so loyal and to be divided with women he loves.  Letting him go was tough, but he went with a clear conscience.

I wanted to be be so selfish. I am far from perfect. I wanted him to be with me.  She has a huge family, a husband and a mom with her.  Why did she need him too?  Who did I have?  My mom was angry with me and worried about my Dad.  I have children who had their own families to tend to and I didn't want to burden them with my emotions.  I have no siblings aside from the person who is my brother whom I just met.  I was alone.  But I had to be the bigger person.  It super sucks but it made Bill feel better to go. I hid what I was screaming in my head - don't leave me alone.  I sucked it up.  It was only right and with a smile I let him go. 

Throughout the turmoils,we have grown stronger and tighter.  I would not deny him anything because he has proven himself over and over.  Bill is a man that truly deserves every good thing in the world.

Eternally grateful Abbie

Monday, October 22, 2012

Miss Olivia - Little Crabber

We had a family event, Bill's sister and her family have come up on a rare family visit.  Rare because we haven't seen the whole family in over a decade. They may visit but it is usually one at a time.
It was a combination of reunion and bridal shower for their eldest daughter.  Caitlin is planning to get married next year and many won't see the family until the wedding but that will be in Florida. It is an opportunity to shower them with lots of love. 

After the bridal party games, the feast began.  Plenty of food and time to catch up with family Bill hasn't seen in some time.

Crabs were up for grabs and some of the nieces and nephews enjoy getting their hands dirty and eating the crustaceans.  Miss Olivia noticed the comotion at the table and wanted to be in on the action. She pull a chair and sat her butt down. 

Meaghan, Bill's niece and goddaughter, was teaching Miss Olivia how to eat a crab.  She will be a wonderful teacher. Lots of patience.   I love crab cake but to crack open a crab.  I wont do that for myself. It takes too long and I get cranky to work that much for a little bit of crab meat. 

My father in law would sit and watch TV and his wife would do all the work and give him a nice pile of crab meat.  That would irritate some of his daughters feeling that he should have done it himself. .  I would smile because I would have done the same if I was his wife and as long as it isn't crab. She didn't mind and they shouldn't either but that is my opinion.
I make things for Bill that I don't like to eat.  Why should he be deprived of something he enjoys just cause I don't like it.  I won't cook crabs unless it is from the freezer. Mrs Paul's or Gordon's are old friends.   I cant bring home a live animal and then kill it.  I prefer my animal meat to be already killed before it touches my hands.  ha ha  Sorry PETA.
Miss Olivia did a very good job! 
Miss Olivia was very attentive and listened to everything Meaghan was saying.
 She couldn't wait to try it herself.


 Miss Olivia was not squeamish at all.  She dug right in, washed her hands, and ate.

I wonder if she would make a pile of crab meat for me?

No stinky hands for Abbie

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Top Chef Contender

My husband has been on a cooking phase.  Or should I say, he has found a passion in cooking.  My days and nights have been full so when we do eat it is mostly take out or we got out to dinner. I think he missed home cooking so he went on the Internet and looked for easy recipes.  He has made a few meals that are very tasty.

Bill has been making gumbo, savory chicken, and last night he made paella.   He thought he made enough for two but the end result made it to feed 8.  It was delicious.  Paella requires more seafood but believe when I say there was more than enough in the pot.

The evening was made more special, when we made the meal together.  It was great being together.  I had always wanted to do this but for one reason or another we never dd.
Dish is so hot it steamed my lens.

I have stated before I need a recipe with instructions, when I cook.  I will read it line by line and follow the directions.  My husband does not work that way.  He reads it and does his own interpretation. I didn't want to ruin this moment so I just stepped back and didn't say a word.  

I like baking it is more precise.  Measurements, time, and order. I asked Bill if he wanted me to make dessert.  He liked the idea of brownies.  It had been awhile snce we haved had that treat.  After the paella, I didn't even want to look at food. I waited for the food to slide down and make it.  Bill helped me and he teased me when I told him to measure the water.  He was eye balling it and I told him no mister I need a 1/4 cup.  He teased me on being so OCD.  He used another word but this is nicer.  haha

The brownie was a nice finishing touch. It was delicious.

Bill and I did the dishes together he mentioned that we should do this more often and do more things together.  He made my heart skip a beat.  After almost 25 years,  he still wants to hang out with the old ball and chain.

I am not dumb I need to keep this man under lock and key :)

Prison Guard of Love Abbie

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I am so excited!  I just booked our flights to Colorado.  I will get to see two of my angels.  In a matter of weeks.  Bill and I have missed these little darlings. 

This picture was taking on Ash Wednesday.
Zoe is such a doll and Liam looks like a little gangster.  

Sean And S have been very good at keeping us up to date on their little adventures.  Making us miss them even more.  Videos are a wonderful thing for grandparents far away.

It has been a long time time I saw them.  Last August, to be a little precise when they looked liked this.

Why is it that it seems like forever until we will see them again and when we are with them the times seems to fly ?

Counting down the days until I can kiss them to pieces!

Calendar watching Abbie

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Into the Lion's Den

Bill and I went to NYC this past weekend. It went by really fast and in a way I'm glad it did. I checked in on my folks.  I like to keep tabs since their health crisis. Mom is not happy with me. She hasn't been in quite awhile. 

Unfortunately, that is not going to change anytime soon. As long as I continue a relationship with my brother, my father's son is how long my mother will be angry at me. She believes that I am only coming to NYC to see him and not them. It was never an issue before until HE came into the picture. My mother knew about him since he was born but what gets her upset is that now that I am in the picture and I talk to him.  In her eyes, I am betraying her.

My mother has gone out to dinner with him and spent time with him but it makes her nuts if I do the same. When I told her I was visiting, she right away said it was because I want to see him. First off that came out of nowhere and what???? I didn't even think about it but if I am going to do the time, might as well do the crime. I would call him later  when I got to NY and ask him to go out to dinner.

When I got to the house, she barely kissed me hello and she went straight to work in her room. This is her way to punish me. To ignore or barely talk to me. I visited with my dad. He looked well.  We stayed there for  a couple of hours.  Bill and I went out for a late lunch.
I took him to the Havana restaurant where I had the ropa viejo.
It was so good, I got it again and Bill got the drink special and this beautiful meal.
It was a pork shank with rice and beans. Bill loved both especially the drink.
Can you see why?

I tried the drink.  It was like a mojito but without the lime. It was gross to me. Bill and I decided to go to bar. He felt bad and knew that I needed that drink. We crossed the street to a little pub.  We had gone to O'Brien's the year before with his cousins.
We sat down an order a Cosmo for me and a jack and coke for him.   I only needed one.
It was delicious!! It made me happy.

With our tummies full, we walked around the city and decided to go back home. We didn't hear from any family that we reached out to so back to my mom's house we went.

Good thing, I had a full belly and a nice glass of liquid courage.  Guess who was there sitting at the dinner table with my Dad? It was my brother. Guess who hid in her room all night? My mom. What could I do? My dad was happy.  I was very happy that I did have that Cosmo.  I had a split second to decide how to handle this.  I bit the bullet.  I  greeted everybody and sat down and enjoyed the rest of the evening talking and drinking with the enemy of my mom, who seethed in her room.

She waited up for my father to go to his room.  I felt bad for him.  It was his turn to be scolded.  I knew it was trouble when the door slowly closed.

If you thought she was cool with me that day, she was worse the next morning. She barely acknowledge my existence.

Is it too early for that Cosmo?  It is only 9:30 in the morning.


Friday, February 24, 2012

I Make Fire!!

The weather has been unusually mild this past winter.  We enjoyed temperatures in the 60's.  For February, in the Mid Atlantic that is a little too warm.  The weather will be turning this weekend to more winter type temperatures.  At least, it won't be frigid!

On an occasion when winter did make its appearance, I remembered to bring my camera on my walk with Lando.  

It was snowing lightly and had snowed the night before covering my block with a glistening white coat.  
                                              I love how the snow lays on bushes
and on the trees.

It makes everything look clean.  Everything looks peaceful and it is serene.  I love the sounds of my footsteps on the ground.  I like to be the first to step on the snow. Unfortunately, the snow didn't stick to the sidewalks.

I like this photo.  I was actually trying to take a picture of the snow/ice drop.  It blurred it but I like the depth that it created.  Still learning how to use the camera.  haha

Lando even posed for me.
He is such a good boy. Lando knows I need to practice :)

It was going to be one of those days where I wanted a fire and Bill was working.    I had seen him enough times to make it myself .  I came home from my walk with Lando and got to work.

I grabbed Bill's gloves.  My hands are small (child size) and the gloves are ridiculously huge on me.
Went outside got some wood and piled it in the fireplace.
I used one of those self starter bricks.  Its a cheat for me.  Struck a match and  watch it slowly build.


I did use a pizza box to get the roaring sound I love.

Yay!!  I mean ugh me woman ugh make ugh fire. (pound on my chest)

Now I could curl up on the couch and catch a marathon of World's Dumbest!!

Is anybody ready for spring yet???

Firestarter Abbie