Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Counting Down

I just got off the phone with my daughter.  She came back from seeing her doctor.  If Donna Marie doesn't go naturally by next Monday, she will be induced on June 7. 

Is she ready?  yes and no

Donna Marie wants to not be pregnant anymore. It is hot and the baby is very big.  These last two months have been very uncomfortable.  But on the flip side, she is not looking forward to bearing down, the pain, and the needles.

Goodness sakes, who does?!?  I know I don't.  The pain is the first thing I thought each time I had my sons.  You don't know what you are in for on the first child.  It is like trial by fire. My daughter being the first trial.

I have been there for each of her babies. We are on her fourth.  I would have loved to have been there for my son's daughter's birth.  I don't know if I would have been allowed in the room, but I most definitely would have been outside the doors waiting to burst through as soon as I was allowed.

This Tuesday may be the last time I get to see a grandchild of mine born.  Donna Marie has stated that this is the last one.  But she also stated that with the others kids.  Who knows?

My son is expecting to have a son in  late July but I wont be there.  He lives in Colorado.  I can't just be on standby  and fly out on a moment's notice.  I wish I could but the old purse strings do not allow for that kind of spontaneity.  I will be visiting him and his family in August.

My youngest has decided not to have children and even if  he changes his mind, the girl will probably  rather have her mom in the room with her instead of me. 

I am still in awe that a child of mine is going to give birth to another one of my angels.  What an early birthday present for me.  My birthday being the next day.

I told my daughter that Joaquin (that will be the baby's name) and I will be having week long birthday extravaganzas every second week of June.  A week of being worshipped and adored by the family.

That's when she said "Really, Ma"  rolled her eyes and said "goodbye, mother!"   Now I didn't see her roll her eyes but I have that ability to know how she react to things.  I made her after all.

Each child is a blessing!  I am so looking forward to hold and meet my newest grandchild.

Now about the week long birthday extravaganzas.  Is that too much to ask for??

Party Hats clipart Party girl Abbie

Monday, May 30, 2011

To Honor the Day

Thank You
To the Military and their familes
For those who continue to serve and
to those who gave their ALL.

Humble Abbie

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Seems like Old Times

It has been a little while since I had a little one to look after for a whole day.  A little tired, but I discovered that I still got it. 

My daughter wanted to take her two oldest kids to the movies and asked if I could watch Jackson.  I agreed. I have looked forward to spending some one on one time with him.  I have had my time with my other grandchildren.  It was Jackson's turn.

My daughter tells me that she will be having a surprise birthday party for her brother-in- law later on the afternoon,.  She is nuts.  I don't remember having that kind of energy to host a party at that stage of pregnancy. She is a week away from being a mom for the 4th time!!! Maybe it is in the water.

I told her I would love to keep Jackson until after the party or better yet I would love it if he spent the night.  I have a room with a crib, since the first grandchild was born.  She thought that was a good idea. It ended up being better than she thought.  There was so much chaos in the house during the party that it would have been too much for her had Jackson been there.

My first outing with Jackson. I was all giddy.  I needed to go to Michael's (craft store). I was looking for stamping ideas and a needlepoint project. I loved the company but  I had to keep moving because I remember that kids have little timers that can go off if I take to long in one area. 

I took him to another store to get more diapers because I ran out.  Could it be because his mother decided to give him two servings of mulitgrain cheerios this morning??  Boy, would she have paid for that if Jackson was with her at the party.

We came home and we had some dinner.  We had a little story time and before I knew it, it was time for bed.   Jackson fussed the tiniest bit and fell asleep. While he slept, I had to clean my kitchen and straighten up my house that a little dynamo  managed to dismantle.  I forgot how tiring it was to look after someone so young.  I couldn't wait to get to bed and just go to sleep.
I woke up at 6am in the morning!  On a Sunday!!!  I couldn't have slept longer even if I longed to stay in that big and comfy bed.   I wanted to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for my angel.  I didn't want him to wait a second longer than he needed to when he woke up.  I

Jackson woke up in the best of moods.  I was right on top of all his needs.  I had his cup ready when he got thirsty and fed him toast and eggs.

We went into the yard a little later and watered the garden.  He likes to hold the hose and touch the water.   Jackson played with Lando and then it was time for his mom to come get him. 

Donna Marie came with my other two grandchildren and I served them lunch.     After we finished eating, I played Lego's with all three on the floor.  After we built the biggest house, we went outside to look at the garden then I helped get them in the car.  Of course, I had to give them a handful of cookies for the trip.  With Jackson, one cookie in each hand.

Everyone left with a smile on their face. I think Jackson enjoyed himself.  I know I did. I am happy that I spent some quality my little angel and happy to have the rest of the afternoon to take a nap!

 Sleepy Abbie

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Grateful Life

I'm loving life right now. 

It is Friday afternoon. I got out of work early.  A three day weekend to look forward to enjoy. I will enjoy my favorite choice of cocktail - cranberry juice and vodka.

I will not set the alarm clock.  Well, I may be awaken by Lando.   He will need to relieve himself and I would rather he do it outside and not on my carpet. 

I no longer have little ones who depend on me to take care of their every need.   I have graduated to being the grandma. 

I am the grandma, who children visit and ask for cookies and gives them willingly. 

I am the grandma, who lets them play with the garden hose and lets them get soaked to the bone. 

I am the grandma, when the kids start to get cranky, I call their mother to handle it.    

I am the grandma that will let the kids yell at the top of their lungs and joins in the fun. 

Life is good.  I enjoy being a grandma.  I enjoy being a wife and mother.  I enjoy being me. 

On this special weekend, I will also remember the men and women who sacrificed their lives so that others may be free.  I will think of the families that were left behind. The families who will honoring the loved ones that won't be coming home.  

I am very blessed. I am  very grateful that my son, who served his time in the Air Force, never saw combat and is able to come home.   

I will raise my glass this weekend and I will toast to yesterday, today, and hopefully for tomorrow.

God bless my family
God Bless all the military!!

   Grateful Abbie

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have a problem.  I know I do.  I am in the land of history, gorgeous views and people who are absolutely friendly and wonderful. Yet, I become twitter pated over some inanimate object. 
After an outing with Patrick and Mary, we came back to the house to have lunch.What caught my eye and became my obsession was what was on the table. 

I was enjoying a delicious sandwich with tea that Mary had prepared for us. We had a lively conversations.  I met their gorgeous daughters.

And yet,  I could not stop looking at this salt and pepper containers.   I made the family laugh by how much I loved their salt and pepper shakers. Mary told me she received them as a gift from her daughter during one of her travels. I told them before I left for the day, I was going to take a picture of them.

I did and then I did this.

I especially like the eye on the on the white one.  Patrick told me he plugged up the eye because too much salt was coming out. 

Do they not look like they are dancing?

One more pose.


Once I came back to my senses, I kissed and hugged everyone goodbye. I thanked them for a wonderful time.  I made everyone laugh with my silliness.   

Including this man.

I broke through his shyness.  His laugh was quiet and serene.  I made him smile.  I made him like me. 

As I am leaving the house, I spot this.

I love gnomes.  They were at the door.

Then I lost any headway I made with Patrick and his family.  They couldn't wait until the nutty American left their home.  Bill couldn't usher me out fast enough.  

Like I said before,  I have problems.  But common on, aren't they cute?


Nutty Acorn - A happy cartoon acorn with a crazy expressionNutty Abbie

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another challenge conquered!

I went into Northern Ireland for this next adventure.  I went to see the Giant Causeway with Bill's relatives, Patrick and Mary.

They are the sweetest people I have met so far. They are quiet, calm, and serene.  Everything, that I am not.  Yet, we still got along.

Mary is so cute.  I caught her taking a picture of me. I told her to hand over the camera and proceded to throw it over the mountain.

Patrick is very shy.  Or it could be just me, I am rather bold.  It was my duty to make this man crack up before the end of our visit.   

I have heard the Giant Causeway is beautiful and it is no lie.  What I didn't know was how we were going to reach it.
Now I can use stairs with no problem but it was the vertigo that gave me cause to quake. I didn't realize how narrow the path was until I started.

The amount of stairs was not the problem.

When the sign tells you it will be steep, believe it.

I looked out to see where we were headed. I immediately told myself to get a  grip and by grip hold on to the rail as tight as possible. I had told Bill I would be taking pictures and to go on, while  I fell behind.  I didn't want to tell him how petrified I really was and ruin the trip for him.

I thought for a moment to head back.  Whew.  A little dizzy. I turned to face my fellow walkers. I could do this.  People do this all the time.

I am not liking the narrow paths. There is just room for just me.  What if people are coming in the other direction to go back? It only has room for me.

Finally! I survived.  It was a long way down.

But it was so worth it to get here.

The pictures do not do it justice.  I could stay there all day. It was so beautiful .  It is remarkable how nature works.  The stones with its octagonal design. A great place to visit. 

Thank God for Patrick.  When it was time to go home.  He told us of another way to go to the car without having to go up the stairs.  We didn't even have to take a vote. We went up a paved road. It inclined but I didn't have the fear of falling to my death

Scaredy Cat Abbie

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cattle Mart

Today is a very important day for Willie Tom.  He is the gentleman to the left.  The reason it is  important is today he is putting his  select group of cattle up for auction. 

Willie Tom has raised this group for a year.  He has bulls and cows up for bid.  He has been nervous this morning.  We were joking over breakfast on how the day would end for him.  If he did well, he would be smiling from ear to ear.  If he did bad, Bill and I would be finding another way home.  We wouldn't want to be in the same car with him if he was in a bad mood.  Willie Tom said he wouldn't say how well he did, just in case his wife had any ideas on how to spend the extra cash. 

Willie Tom had taken his cattle very early with his son William.  He came back to change and take us to the auction.   I have never been to a cattle auction and was very excited to attend.

I had no clue what to expect.  Would it be like Christie's?  Does everyone have a paddle? Would the cows be displayed on a stage?  I'm a city girl what do I know. 

As we are waiting to leave, Willie Tom starts telling us what not to do.  I love rules so I listen very carefully.  He says the one thing you do not do is to make signs that catch the auctioneers line of vision, 
unless you want to take some cattle home to America.  This answers my question on how the people bid.  It was signals.  

Bill teased that maybe we can help raise the price by bidding.  Good grief!  My luck we would be the owners of a cow.  What am I going to do with a cow?  I wouldn't take it to a butcher and I can't bring it with me on the plane.  It would have to stay were it came from on Willie Tom's farm.  I think it is a way for Bill to keep coming to Ireland every year and check on our new cow.  

Another beautiful day in Ireland.   We get out the car and you can hear the cows. You can also smell them.  The parking lot was full.

We walk into the cattle mart.   Willie Tom directed us to find a seat and went off to do his mingling.  It is a social event for the men. He looks for to this and shoot the breeze.

It is very rustic.  The seats are benches made of wood.  They run the length of the room on two of the walls.  There are five rows on each side.  The third wall is for the auctioneer and his helpers. 

The auctioneer is drinking coffee.  One of the helpers is on the computer.  He puts up information of the bull that is being auction off at the time. A third helper escorts the bull to the arena and then escorts him out. 

A bull is brought into this area in the middle of the room.  It is fenced all around so the bull can't wander off.  Another bull is brought onto a weight platform in a holding pen adjacent to the  auction room. This lets the bidders to know how much the bull weighs. The bidding starts. 

The auctioneer starts with the trademark speech.  The bids go up and I am trying valiantly to see who is bidding.  It takes me quite a few rounds of bulls to figure some of the signs the men used to make the bids.  One man used his wink. Another used the twirling of his hands.  Another used a nod of the head.  There were still more I couldn't catch them all.

It went very quickly.  It was very exciting. 

I looked around and saw men of all ages.  Some were there to see how well their cattle sold for and others were there to buy. Some were there to do both.  It was so packed in there that there were men standing near the pens where the bulls where held. 

This activity has been untouched by time. The process is still the same as when Bill's great grandfather went to the cattle mart. The only thing that was different was an addition of a computer and a big  screen.  It is nice to see not everything has to change with time.   You get to see and be a part of something that has been around for centuries. 

I took only a few pictures when I slowly realized I was the only woman there.   I was the only woman there with a big, cute, girly hat.  A little too obvious a little to easy to pick out in a crowd.  I quickly put my camera down and waited for them to tell me when it was time to go.  

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the cattle mart, even if I was out of place.  I learned a lot.  I also did not win a cow.
We caught up with Willie Tom at the end of the day.  He had a very big smile on his face.  He did very well. 

   First timer Abbie

Monday, May 23, 2011

Meet Me on Monday

Meet Me On Monday
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1.  What is your favorite bagel flavor?

2.  If you had an extra $100 right now, what would you spend it on?
3.  What is the last thing that you felt guilt about doing?
4.  Soft serve ice cream or hand dipped?
5.  Are you allergic to anything?

My Answers!

1.  What is your favorite bagel flavor?
It is an toasted onion bagel with a smear of cream cheese.

2.  If you had an extra $100 right now, what would you spend it on?
A day of beauty - Hair cut and style, maicure and pedicure.

3.  What is the last thing that you felt guilty about? 
Buying gorgeous boots that I did not need to buy.

4.  Soft serve ice cream or hand dipped?

It is hand-dipped and chocolate all the way.

5.  Are you allergic to anything?


Jiggly Bits

I was giving a hug goodbye to Josiah.  He is getting to be quite tall but does it matter that I am rather short. So it evens out right? 

As he is giving me a hug with his arms on my waist, he proceded to squish my love handles.  In other words, the jiggly part of my waist. Under normal circumstances, I would have pushed away the person but with him I let him play. 

I did not say a word but just smiled to myself.   The one time where my jiggly bits did not make me feel bad :)

 Chubby Abbie

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Making a Mark

It is the day after the so called Judgement day, Apocalypse, end of the world.  Jokes were made throughout facebook.  It was all over the news. A man spent his life retirement money to advertise the coming of the end to save the people in New York.  People stopped paying their bills and ran up their credit cards.  This was all caused by what one man said.  The world was coming to an end on May 21, 2011.  A man most people have not met.

Which brings me to this post,  I have always believed that people we meet during our lifetime forms the person we become.  They may add or take away a piece of us. They may be in our lives for as little as one day or be our forever friends. 

Some people strive to make a mark in the world, whether it is to be the richest, prettiest, or the most famous in the world.  I choose to leave my mark or a footprint on my children's and grandchildren's hearts.

I want them to remember to laugh.  I can laugh at the silliest of jokes. I can find joy in almost anything.  I have found life to short to dwell on the bad things. I can laugh at myself. The laugh I have is  very loud and very robust.   Babies are startle at my noise.   For a short round girl, I may not be seen but I can be heard.

I want them to love to read.  I read everything I can get my hands on. I read instruction manuals that come with appliances, bikes, and remote controls.  I love to read the signs that are posted everywhere.   I especially love to read to my grandchildren. I want them to get all the knowledge that the world can provide.

I love to hug and kiss the people in my life.  I am a very affectionate person.  I love to kiss and/or hug my angels whenever I see them. I sometimes feel compelled to go into the room just to see them and if they are close enough, to give them a peck on the cheek or a touch on the arm.  I just want them to know they are loved.

I want them to love themselves.  I want them to feel worthy of themselves. I want them to know they are amazing. I want them to know they have the fortitude to withstand all that life can throw at them.  I want them to find joy and happiness in all things. 

I want them to know that in their life a woman named, Abbie, loved them unconditionally.
If I can leave any of these things, than I have surely left my footprint in the world.


Friday, May 20, 2011

He Loves Me

This is Our Lady of Knock Basilica.  Pope John Paul  II delivered a mass here and Mother Theresa visited the Shrine.

This is the link to the history and why it is very spiritual to the people of Ireland.


This is the chapel where the Shrine is held.

This rose was a gift from Pope John Paul II.

This was a gift from Bill.

Bill surprised me with a marriage renewal.  He planned this with John in secret.  I had no clue.  The church has a daily mass at 7PM and when we arrived it was 4PM.  I didn't think twice why we were there so early.  I was so entralled with seeing the shrine.

We all walked in and for what I thought to get a closer look at the Shrine and take pictures.  Little did I know that there was more to come.

Bill and John were able to arrange a special mass for our marriage renewal.  There was a condition for this to occur.  I had to be told about it.  So as I walk in and start to look around I am guided to sit down and Bill whispers that we are getting our marriage blessed. 

I look at him stunned and then the tears start to fill up my eyes.  I had bugged him about getting married again.  I had explained that it was a sign that our anniversary would fall during our trip to Ireland.  It was meant to be. He had always said no.  

Now, here it was going to happen. 

The priest came over and introduced himself to us.  I was trembling and in shock.  He started the service.  The priest asked us to go to the altar.  We reaffirmed our vows. I was trying to hold back the tears that welled up in my eyes.

Many people were already there at the church and when we were announced again as husband and wife,  the congregation applauded.

It was a beautiful ceremony. 

People who were sitting in the church came up to us and congratulated us.  Total strangers wished us well. I was so honored by their well wishes. I couldn't stop smiling.

Here are the conspirators.  The best bunch of people I know.  They helped make it all happen.  I will always be grateful for that.  We went to Annette's house to have a sumptuous dinner.   My head was still spinning from everything that happened when I went to bed.  What a extraordinary day!

I am truly blessed and deeply touched by the way Bill declared his love for me. Happy 24th Anniversary, my love.  It has only gotten better with each day and I look forward to many more.

 Newlywed Abbie