Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mommy, blah be bo di!

I was visiting Donna Marie and my mother called me on the phone.  I normally speak spanish to her.

As I am speaking with her, I noticed that the kids were quiet and paying attention to me.  I don't think they ever heard me speak that much in spanish at one time.

After a moment, Olivia and Josiah start babbling.  I think they are saying words. The words are incoherent and then I realize they are imitating me. They go to their mom and "speak" spanish.   Donna Marie tries to answer but she doesn't know what they are saying.  All she can can is yes.

I start to laugh and I explain to my mom why I am laughing, she in turn laughs and tells me to speak spanish to them.  I speak spanglish.  There are not many in my area who speak spanish so my spanish has gotten a little rusty.

I try watching spanish soap operas and it has improved my language skills but it would be nice to put it into action.

I have said words to them over these years and this year Josiah is going to a bilingual school. He will get better taught by teachers. It is the first year of the new school.  He will be learning both languages well.

I am so excited because as he learns so will the others.  Do you think we will sound like "ba bli bo" to other people when we will speak in spanish?

Spanglish Abbie


  1. The ONLY Spanish I know is how to count to ten!!! I would love to be bilingual!

  2. Deb - Hey that is the start!

    Thanks for stopping by and being a new follower.


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