Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's time to start

I have been in a place where all the planet were aligned.  I had the time, I had the weather, and I had the things I needed to proceed. I even had the will, but for whatever reason did not begin.

I am talking about getting into shape.  When I was in my teens, I had the cutest little figure.  Of course at the time, I thought I had no shape.  I look at the pictures now and I was looking pretty good. 

Then, I got married and started to eat a little more and since I moved away from NYC, the pounds started to add.  In NYC, you walked everywhere.  I could eat and I had a healthy appetite.  I never worried about counting calories.

Little did I know, that I had a very low metabolism.

I started to add to my family and with that came the extra pounds.  My weight would go up and down on the scale for the years.

I can now go to the gym without guilt.  I do not have little children running around who need me.  I have great weather where I can start to walk and maybe if I get in better shape I will try running.    I also have zumba tapes for when it is raining.  I love to dance. Hell, they do it on Dancing with the Stars and Kirstie Alley looks amazing. 

Yet I havent done anything. 

Well, that is going to change.  I was talking with my grandson, Josiah.  He has turn into a little jabber jaw.  I love to hear him talk. 

Josiah loves to talk about shapes.  He will tell me what shape things are and then proceed to tell me a story about the object. 

He first talked about a triangle and then a circle.  Josiah then looks at me and said :your face it is a circle.  It is round."  

I laughed out loud and said " yes, Josiah, my face is a circle."

If my 4 year old grandson can tell me I am fat without meaning to hurt my feelings, I need to start a program and right quick.  I can't have another generation see me this way. 

But first, I will eat my last donut.  I'll burn it off tomorrow!!   I know I need help.

  Gym Rat Abbie

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