Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Family Me Day

I have been needing a chocolate fix lately.   I have been good until today.  I was reading a post by . She had just celebrated her birthday.  The picture of the cake looked so good. 

I also had a birthday a few weeks ago.  I didn't have a cake and that was ok.  But when I saw her cake, I buckled. I wanted a cake too.  I picked up two of my grandkids and we headed to Cannon's bakery.

When my children were little, I would buy the kids birthday cakes.  Cannon's do an amazing job.  They made my wedding cake. 

We walk in and the kids are all over the glass case.  All I can think at that moment, thank God I do not have to clean the display case.  I had to peel them off. The kids want this and that. Their eyes were so big by all the delicious offerings.

I pick a chocolate cake.   I wanted this cake to have a purpose. I didn't want a cake to satisfy my sweet tooth but to have a special meaning.  It came to me.  I ask them to put "Me Dday" on the cake.

We will celebrate our first Me Day.

Me Day is a day I dedicate to myself.  It is usually reserved for my birthday and for mother's day. All I want on these days is my family's company.  All the kisses and hugs I want with no complaint. Most important no cooking!!!  I  even get one for work.  It is Secretary's day.  Or to be politically correct Administrative Assistant 's Day.
At work, I get cards and taken out to lunch. 

I decided that we all deserved a "Me Day".  I had the cake and I had each child pick a treat.  Josiah had a car cookie and Olivia wanted a sprinkle cookie. I also got two giant eclairs for Bill and I.   They were outstanding.

We got home and the kids were thinking it was for a birthday. I kept saying no it was a cake for Me Day.
I put a candle for each of us. 

 I asked them each what makes them happy.  Josiah said clowns. 

 Olivia said elephants.

 Bill said my family and I said for Me Days.  We blew out the candles and dug into the cake.

They may not remember their first celebration.  Hopefully they will come to realize that everyone deserves a Me Day. Even if it is for only a day a year.
  Tooting my own horn Abbie


  1. What a neat idea....I think a "me day" might have more meaning than a day that's supposed to be "special". Sometimes there's too much pressure involved in those! Your answers to the "weight loss" post were hilarious!!! ;-)

  2. I LOVE this! I hope I can be a fun grandma like you someday! (like 25 years from now!)

  3. How awesome!!! *Me Day* is a great idea!!!

  4. Deb - If only my answers weren't so true. :)

  5. Cyn - I picked the first day of summer so I can remember for next year. Hope I can keep this up.

  6. Amy - I hope I am a fun grandma. What you are doing with your kids is awesome. So when and if you are a grandma you will be amazing!!!

  7. What a fun idea! I'm ready for my me day to start. I think I'll need some ice cream to go with that cake. :)

  8. Grump Grateful Mom - cream. I like chocolate ice cream.

  9. love this happy Me Day!!! Hoping your weekend is a nice one. Thinking of you and sending ♥

  10. Katherine - Thanks, I could always use more <3

  11. A Me Day - what a brilliant idea! And your grandkids are adorable.

  12. MJ - Thank you for your comments and stopping by!!


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