Friday, March 25, 2011

Monsters in the Shed

The time is coming, when we have to get these monsters out of the shed.

 We got these last year. 

I had been working out almost everyday last year. I would work out with Gilad all the time.  He was like a drill seargant. He was on Fit Channel three times a day. I would try to work out at least twice a day. Apparently, that is what I needed.

I was starting to look pretty good.  Everything was starting to go in their proper place and my hiney was starting to perk up. 

So, my Bill decided to get me a bike.  I was open to it.  I could handle it and we were biking every chance we got.  My bottom half was benefitting from this exercise.  The bonus was Bill and I got to spend more quality time together.  I looked forward to this.  I think he did too.

Unfortunately, time moves forward and winter came and the bikes had to hibernate.   The Fit Channel decided to change its format and I lost Gilad.  I stopped exercising.  Holidays came and went.        Everything I worked for went south. 

I am now looking at Spring and dreading when my Bill will take those monsters out and ask me to go biking.  I am so far from that point of just getting on that bike and go.

You see he has kept up with his program.  The handsome, strong, and virile man is still an Adonis.  So he doesn't have any trepidation about biking at all. 

While I, on the other hand, will have to start all over again.  From square one! uggh :(   The good thing is when I look at him, it is all worth the sweat and pain. 

I just have to take the first step. Until that time comes, I 'll just keep looking at him.
I'll start my workout regimen tomorrow :)

Procrastinating Abbie

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I pick up my grandchildren every Wednesday at my son-in-law's work place.  On this particular day, I see Miss Olivia come running to me with a pair of boots on her dainty feet.  She is so excited to have me see her new boots. 

Of course, I make a fuss.This pleases her to no end.  They are too cute but the smile on her face is gorgeous.  It makes my heart sing.  

She tells me in the van that she has another pair of boots and two more new shoes.  This girl is only three and she is starting to have more shoes than me.

My little angel is sporting some fierce heels.  I didn't have heels, when I was her age.  I had to take pictures of them.  As usual, she had to model for me.  The girl loves to get her picture taken. :)

I am going to love going shoe shopping with her!  :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Picture Perfect

This picture was taken at Milburn Orchards in September 2010.  I thought it was really cute.

We all go to pick pumpkins and see all the barn animals.  It is a tradition that we have since our kids were little.  Its great that the tradition continues with the next generation. 

Jackson was too itty bitty and not in the mood to sit still and get his picture taken.  But that did not stop my Bill from being creative and photoshopped him. 

We love being with our grandkids.  We wish we could be with all of them at the same time especially on certain occasions.  So, he not only included Action Jackson but Lady Zoe.
Funny how there was a space in the original to put them in place.  Like it was meant to be.

As you can see how it flows.

Perfect :)


Monday, March 21, 2011

Sundays are great

I can't believe it is Monday.  I spent most of the day in bed.  I was so tired and hate to admit it but with a slight hangover. 

Love my Lando but on days like these it is tough to walk him in the morning.  Not that I have that many days like these.  Thank God St Patricks is once a year!  Heard someone once say St Patricks is for amateurs.  And I say yes it is!! lol

The good thing about walking Lando was coming back and eating leftovers from the party.  Capriotti's are not bad at all for breakfast.  The best part is the two bottles of water chased with 2 ibuprofen. Did I mention slight hangover?

It was worth it because everyone had a good time.   Announcements were made (my daughter will be having her fourth child and my son from Colorado will be home in a week). Beer flowed freely and "Heavenly Sex" was had by all. 

"Heavenly sex" is a shot.  It contains amaretto, creme de cacao, and grenadine.  It tastes like chocolate covered cherries. 

The best part was I was with my love and partner.  Who by the way, enjoyed his breakfast and took a nap during the day with me, while we watched Harry Potter marathon from our bed.

Great day had by two :)


This is different..

We had an annual St Patrick's party this past Saturday. This is our second one with Lando.  Was a little worried about him.  Lando does not do well with other people, he greeted a couple of people with his usual greeting.  (barking quite loudly)

As more people arrived, he settled down especially when he realized all these people were going to eat.

Bless my mother-in-law, she was the first person to treat him with a meaty treat.  He loved that!

Lando followed her around until he saw that her plate was empty.  Lando went on to the next treat, I mean next person.  He let them pet him with the hope of getting a savory treat.  He kept scanning the place looking to see who was eating.  Then he would stand underneath them and wait for any droppings or freely given treats. 

Lando really loves to be around my grandchildren.  If they eat, he eats too.   He also loves it that they are closer to his eye level.  He can catch the food as it falls to the ground.

My grandchildren seemed to have a good time.  Josiah and Olivia notice everything when it is out of place.  Since it was a party at Abbie and Pappy's place, they were overwhelmed.  They noticed all the food, candy and decorations.  They especially enjoyed the decorations.

The reason I say this is because Josiah's head was full of glitter.  lol  I have little Irish hats that I put out for St Patricks.  It is covered in green glitter and Josiah loves to put the hats on his head.

I hardly saw them this evening, they were too busy eating, playing, and exploring the house. The only one that stayed close by was Jackson.  He came to me and didn't mind at all being picked up and being smothered with kisses.  You can't tell by this picture but he does love it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

stickers please

Just received a phone call from DM.  She was telling me about her ordeal with Josiah.  They had just come back from the dentist.  Josiah had gone to the dentist before and was open to all that comes with a visit.

Unfortunately for them, he decided on this visit that he didn't want to open his mouth.  lol  My angel can not be bribed.  Once he sets his mind to something  no one can change his mind. Has been that way since I can remember in his life  Have no idea where he gets that from.  I personally blame his mom.

After much appealing, the assistant goes to DM and says time is up you will need to reschedule.  DM is upset that not only they didn't get to look inside his mouth but now she has to shell out another co-pay for another visit.

As they walk out of the dentist office,  Josiah sees the container with treats for the kids and asks his mom "May I have stickers, please". 

Well, let me tell you that did not go over well. lol  Love that first angel of mine :)

Umm... meatballs

Was watching my grandkids last night.  Normally, I see them on Wednesday nights so I went home quickly after work and started on some spagetti and meatballs.  Quick and easy.  Josiah has always loved it and it is filling. I wanted it ready for them when they were dropped off by their mom.

Josiah went straight for the meatballs. Once all the meatballs were gone, he was done. Olivia ate half and Jackson ate all of it.  I gave him some baby food strawberry and banana to finish his dinner.

About half an hour later, Olivia said she was hungry.  I told her to wait a little bit.  I preceded to feed Olivia and Jackson started to come around.  I fed both.  Then about an hour later Josiah says "I'M hungry".  So out comes the spagetti and meatball for the third time. 

Now all three come around me and I feed them like baby birds.  I give Jackson just a little bit at a time I don't want him to pop like a tick.  Nice visual huh :) I have to ration out the meatballs because they all want it. Ran out of meatballs anyway.   Had to fill them up with  pasta.

Mom comes in to pick up my angels and I see Olivia sneak into the bowl to find the last meatball at the bottom of the sauce bowl. Donna Marie was amazed that they were still eating. Mommy says they could eat meatballs all day long especially Josiah.

Reminds me when it was Jackson's birthday and I make meatballs for the party.  I made a plate for myself and who comes next to me but Josiah.  He asks me if he can have some and I say" sure Abbie likes to share". For some weird reason, I like to speak like Elmo in the third person.  Well if you call sharing by giving your whole plate. lol 

The thing about this was when asked about the party the thing he remembers is that I fed him meatballs. Not the family, the playing with cousins, and the new toys just me feeding him meatballs.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Turning the page

Welcome to a new world.  I have been thinking about doing this for so long so much so I was looking at what type of book and paper to release my words on hard copy.

Writing in a journal, not necessarily a blog. Things have been happening and I am getting older and want to be able to recollect at a much later time like say in the twilight of my years.  I would like to look over my life with a hope of remembering my life if I have lost my marbles.  So many moments have been lost. But I didn't turn to a blog until my man started talking about him writing a book.

He wrote a book that he has installed in his phone.  I was so impressed.  I love to look at the internet at work while i "work".   So I decided to look into it and I saw that starting a blog was not hard at all and free.  Woo hoo! color me happy.

I relayed this info to my husband and he was tickled for me and asked me how I started.  He now writes with relish on his own blog.  He had been using another source for his musings and for some unknown reason they kept getting deleted.  How thoroughly frustrating for him.

I have seen a change in him of pure delight.  Bill is a very creative person.  He used to draw a lot when he was much younger and was one of the things he gave up as our family grew. To have this outlet and to share it  has been a blessing.

He writes to release his inner self.  Finding a voice that has long been silent.  And what a beautiful voice it is.  To say the man has changed is an understatement.  I have gained a new respect for him.  In a book of our life, I can't wait to turn the page to see where it will take him and us next.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Two Forces of Nature

Two people who couldn't be more different somehow got together and made me.  They are still a couple after 46 years.  I try to speak with them at least once a week.  Usually on Mondays around 11am.  I know my dad is up by then.  My mom is usually up around 5am.  Sometimes earlier, washing those damn dishes.

I say this because we always lived in a tiny place so you hear everything. Now that they live in a spacious place when I come for a visit, the pull out is right next to the kitchen and you hear the banging of the pots and pans.  My mom loves to put the faucet on full blast.  lol 

They are characters.  They are like watching a sitcom.  Everytime I visit them or have a phone conversation they always make me laugh.  He can push my mom's buttons to set her off and the comedy ensues.  We always have a great show.

I have learned a lot from them whether it was good or bad.  I think I could say I am a very good blend of both of them.  I get my "charming" personality from my dad.  My quick temper and joy of life from him.  His stubborness and his need to read and know everything.  Question question question!!! 

My mom - I got her depth to love, to protect her child at all cost and to cut people out of my life without hesitiation.  The ability to hold a grudge.  Making the latter easy to do :(

In the twilight of my parents' years,  they have mellowed and now have a more tranquil existence.  They go out to manhatten and eat out lots more. No more rushing out the door to go to work.  The worries have subsided. Its couple time.With everything they have been through, they deserve this time. It warms my heart that they have come thru the drama and are still standing together.

 They still have affection for one another.  They hold hands a sight I would rarely see, when I was younger.    I am still getting used to it.  They came from a time where affection was limited to children.  Its nice to know they feel comfortable now a days. 

I, on the other hand, have always been affectionate with Bill.  I wanted the kids to see affection was not limited to the kids.  That I love their father just as much as I loved them.  My kids still tease me when I dare give a kiss to their dad.  I, of course, start being silly to make the situation worse without really trying.  lol

Love them all very much <3

Sean - Dad

Everyday I get on Facebook seeing if I get to talk to Sean and most of the time I get to talk with Stephanie.  Today was a day where I got a glimpse of what type of dad Sean is.

Steph told me that Sean makes Zoe breakfast before she wakes up.  Is very protective of her.  He doesn't like it when she walks too far away. Sean told Steph that she will need to take Zoe to school.  He doesn't want to take her were the little a*&holes are. lol :)  Sounds a lot like his old man :) From what I hear he is going to be and is a great dad!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Angels of all sizes

I have three children.  They don't live at home but they are still my angels.
I have a daughter - Donna Marie . I have a two sons - Sean and Denis .

They have brought much joy and much heartache to my life.    If I could have put them in a plastic bubble, I would have done it in a heartbeat. lol

There is a movie called Bubble boy.  When at the end it was discovered that he was in the bubble as mom's way of protecting her son,  I applauded.  My kids were shocked and appalled.  Love that movie only saw it once.  It was enough for me.

Love them and always want the best for them.  Protect them for the cold cruel world out there.  They know I love them and have there backs in any situation.  I may have pushed hard sometimes unrelenting but was always with the intention of getting them prepared for what was out there if they were not ready.

It sucks to be a parent of an adult child. Hard to let go that I can't control the situation and solve their problems for them.   I have been there in many of the circumstances.  I don't know if they learned to do things the hard way from me. It sure looks like it.  They had to make their own way and forge their own road.

I guess they wanted to be forged in baptism by fire, blood, sweat, and tears.  I was their role model after all.  Though it has made them very strong and capable of standing harsh conditions. They can also appreciated and treasure things in life other people would take for granted.

I have not been in this journey alone.  I have an amazing partner, best friend and awesome man anyone can imagine.   I could have done it alone.  But Lord knows what that would have turned me into. 

One of those women, who have faces that look the world kicked the living shit out of with deep lines across forehead, permanent frowning mouth and eyes sunken. 

Was always taught to be strong.  Independent. Persistent or as my better half says stubborn :) He is my sounding board, my rock, and always by my side.   In another cliche, he was the tether to my kite.  No matter what direction I took, he came along for the ride.

He supported all my decisions whether he agreed or not.   Never thought that type of dedication was real or that I deserved that.   A true partner, which I am so honored to have, share my life.  Strong, silent, and loving.  On top of all his wonderful qualities, he is also extremely handsome :) That is a bonus.  Jackpot. Bingo. Winner!!

I see that my son is becoming a father like his dad.  That pleases me to no end.  His dad is a dad that everyone should have.  Sean says he did get something from me and that is the amount of love he gives his daughter Zoe.  He calls it overbearing  but whats wrong with giving oodles and oodles of kisses and hugs.

While I have my little angels, I think God sent me a Guardian Angel.  And his name is Bill.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Owner of My Heart

The man I adore is named bill.  I am blessed to know him.

Liam's First Picture

Here is a ultrasound of my newest grandson Liam.  He weighs 13oz.  Looks like he has a jaw of granite.  I think that is a given since he is part irish :)


I know he is a dog and I treat him as such.  But he gives me companionship, when I am alone in the house. I have conversations with him. He gives me looks like he understands.  :)

I miss the noise in the house that my children used to provide.   He keeps it from being too quiet. I have grown to love that little dog. Lando has become my fourth child.

Forgotten Angel

I was thinking about  what to write next and I remembered I have another angel to add.  His name is Lando.  He came into my life unexpectedly.  It was not love at first sight.

He was living in Colorado. He was my son Sean's dog.  A little miniature schnauzer. A little black and white ball of fur.  Kept wanting to bite the crap out of Bill when we first visited the kids.

Lando was so full of energy.  He terrorized the apartment, they lived in and ate everything.  So glad, when we went back to our hotel room that he wasn't ours.

As the days went by, we were all talking and Sean had brought up the fact that he had to get rid of the dog. They were going to have a baby and he was uncontrollable.  He had asked Steph's mom to take him.  I said "aww, well she'll take good care of him". 

But the more I heard, the less I liked.  He was going to be shipped to Chicago in a crate and she was running a day care.  How was she going to possibly take good care of him and get the attention he so desperately needed. 

I asked Bill what did he think.  Knowing full well, where I was going with this.  In the end, we drove back to Delaware with an extra passenger.  Life has never been the same!

 Silly Abbie

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What is a name

I went to pick Josiah up at the preschool.  He didnt see me right away but when I came into view he smiled really wide and ran to me.

Best moment of my day!  We held each other for a minute while all the kids yelled "Hi, Abbie".  So funny considering that is not my "real" name. It is the name my angels call me.

One of the teachers corrected them and said "Miss Abbie".  Which made me smile even more, I wasn't going to correct her. The children said "hello, Miss Abbie". I responded to them with a huge smile "Hello".  Why should I confuse the children?The name will stick because I am after Abbie. :) 

Always Abbie


Olivia -"Abbie can I have a cookie"
Abbie "yes, you can"
Olivia - "Abbie, can I have everything?"
Abbie - "You can always asked for everything but you may not get everything.  But always ask."

Whats more to say

I  want to have a relationship with my grandchildren that, if they have questions they can come to me no matter what.

My 3 year old Miss Olivia loves to do roll call when we all get in the van.  It is not your normal roll call by the way.

Olivia - "I have a gina,  mommy has a gina"  "Do you abbie have a gina?"
Abbie - "yes, I do"
Olivia - "ewww"  shouldn't be talking about body parts

Nothing more to say or do than smile while I drive.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jesse Joaquin

I will be calling him Joaquin.  The name is after one of my uncles on my mother's side.  I like it so that's that.  His due date is June 10, 2011.  Will be there for the birth.  How can I not.  Busy way to start the summer.  Becoming a grandmother for the 5th time.  Still young :)

Imelda Marcos in the making

I was babysitting the kids this past weekend.   Donna Marie was getting ready for date night with her husband.

She was putting on her thigh high boots.  Olivia saw this and went upstairs into her room and got her boots.  They looked like uggs with laces.  She rolled them up to look like mommy's.

Then proceded to model them for me.  "Look Abbie, look at my boots aren't they pretty.

"Yes, you are" I said with a big ole smile.

Family Man

During Christmas, I have a nativity just for the kids. They can play with it. When the Christmas season was over.  I started packing the decorations away.  I noticed in the corner the nativity set.

Josiah put the three (Mary Joseph and Jesus) in a little huddle near the stable and the wise men were scattered far from them. 

I thought that was the cutest thing ever!

Conversations with Olivia

Me - " I am going to give you a knuckle sandwich" 
Olivia - " Na ha, my mommy already gave me one"

Zoe Ellicette

Lady Zoe - Born February 4, 2010 in Colorado Springs, CO to Sean.   Wasn't there when she was born but was able to see pictures taken of that day on the internet. 

Zoe is big and round and most of all beautiful.  She is a good combination of her parents.  She has a temper.  Don't know where she got that from but I think from her grandfather :)

Sean has told stories that  when he ignores her too long she flings things at him.  lol  She also like to throw everything out of her crib including her diaper if she is in there a little too long.

She has been walking everywhere.  Bill and I have visited her a few times and on the last time we had to re-introduce ourselves.  We missed her  so much that Pappy grabbed her with love and she cried.  Didn't last long, he wooed her and they became the best of friends. 

It took everything I had to not grab her and kiss her to pieces.  While she was getting acquainted with Pappy, I would get closer and closer to her.  Every time she looked at me I would turn my head.  When she would look away, I would touch her hair, head,  and arm whatever I could. 

When I was finally able to hold her I kissed and hugged the crap out of her.  lol  No tears!!!  Go Abbie :)

Jackson Daniel

Action Jackson born on January 30, 2010.  He came out so fast.  He is so goodnatured. Smiles, curious and loves his big brother. Jackson has the softest curly hair.

Jackson always follows where Josiah goes.   Plays what Josiah plays and ticks him off with delight.  Jackson is still fast and very strong.  Smart! 

All of Donna Marie's kids are smart.  Good thing:)  I want them all    to keep Donna Marie and Brandon on their toes.  lol  I will have a front row seat for that :)

Jackson has such big hands and he loves his Pappy. He looks for him when I take him to my "casa".  As soon as he sees him up does his arms go so Pappy can pick him up. 

When he sees me, the smile on his face brighten my day.  When his mom comes to pick them up, he races to see her to get his love.  

I sometimes call him my chocolatito. (piece of chocolate) lol  I got that name from one of my spanish soap operas.  My parents call him pollito. ( Little chicken)

When Jackson met his great grandfather Daniel Figueroa he took to him like duck to water.  My father was so surprised but instantly tickled.  He rarely holds babies but with Jackson he would have held him forever if he could.

Olivia Cristina

Miss Olivia Born on November 28, 2007.  She was huge when she was born.  She is sassy, smart, girly, tough, and extremely lovable.  She likes to put makeup on.

She just brushed my hair the other day.  If I wasnt afraid she would rip all my hair out, I would have let her keep brushing for hours. 

She loves to dance.  Knows lots of songs and loves to take care of her little brother  Jackson.  She has the softest curls and loves to make them bounce. 

She has her mothers love of shoes. Has Pappy wrapped around her little finger and she knows that!  Miss Olivia likes to go thru her mom's pockets.  She knows her mom has pockets full of goodies like lip gloss, chapstick, and/or candy. lol

Can't wait to take her shopping when she gets older. I look forward to when I take her out for lunch or dinner and just hang out with her.  Miss Olivia reminds me of her mom, my baby girl, Donna Marie :)

Josiah William

Josiah "Prince" His birthday is 8/1/2006.  My first grandchild.  The first thing I noticed was his hair. He had so much of it and curly.  

He had me at first glance.  He is my heart.  Just thinking about him makes me smile.  We have a bond.  Josiah knows I am always on his side.  He is so smart. and likes things the way he likes things.

He will be turning 5 this year.  Where did the time go?  :(  If I could stop him from growing up and going to school, I would.  But he needs to learn so much.  His brain is so ready to absorb all the things the world has to offer. 

I have such high hopes for him.  I hope I can be the grandmother to him that I had always wished I had. 

Abbie loves her Josiah "Prince" :)

Announcement of Liam

My first post and it regards my newest grandchild :).  Liam Ernesto   He will be my first son's first son.  Fourth generation of the first son.  My father in law was William Sr.  He was the first son of Denis.  My husband William Jr is the first son.  My son Sean is the first son.  Which leaves Liam, to be born in July of 2011, to be the first son of Sean.  Lots of firsts in this first post lol I am very happy for my boy and for the arrival of my future grandson :)