Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Into the Lion's Den

Bill and I went to NYC this past weekend. It went by really fast and in a way I'm glad it did. I checked in on my folks.  I like to keep tabs since their health crisis. Mom is not happy with me. She hasn't been in quite awhile. 

Unfortunately, that is not going to change anytime soon. As long as I continue a relationship with my brother, my father's son is how long my mother will be angry at me. She believes that I am only coming to NYC to see him and not them. It was never an issue before until HE came into the picture. My mother knew about him since he was born but what gets her upset is that now that I am in the picture and I talk to him.  In her eyes, I am betraying her.

My mother has gone out to dinner with him and spent time with him but it makes her nuts if I do the same. When I told her I was visiting, she right away said it was because I want to see him. First off that came out of nowhere and what???? I didn't even think about it but if I am going to do the time, might as well do the crime. I would call him later  when I got to NY and ask him to go out to dinner.

When I got to the house, she barely kissed me hello and she went straight to work in her room. This is her way to punish me. To ignore or barely talk to me. I visited with my dad. He looked well.  We stayed there for  a couple of hours.  Bill and I went out for a late lunch.
I took him to the Havana restaurant where I had the ropa viejo.
It was so good, I got it again and Bill got the drink special and this beautiful meal.
It was a pork shank with rice and beans. Bill loved both especially the drink.
Can you see why?

I tried the drink.  It was like a mojito but without the lime. It was gross to me. Bill and I decided to go to bar. He felt bad and knew that I needed that drink. We crossed the street to a little pub.  We had gone to O'Brien's the year before with his cousins.
We sat down an order a Cosmo for me and a jack and coke for him.   I only needed one.
It was delicious!! It made me happy.

With our tummies full, we walked around the city and decided to go back home. We didn't hear from any family that we reached out to so back to my mom's house we went.

Good thing, I had a full belly and a nice glass of liquid courage.  Guess who was there sitting at the dinner table with my Dad? It was my brother. Guess who hid in her room all night? My mom. What could I do? My dad was happy.  I was very happy that I did have that Cosmo.  I had a split second to decide how to handle this.  I bit the bullet.  I  greeted everybody and sat down and enjoyed the rest of the evening talking and drinking with the enemy of my mom, who seethed in her room.

She waited up for my father to go to his room.  I felt bad for him.  It was his turn to be scolded.  I knew it was trouble when the door slowly closed.

If you thought she was cool with me that day, she was worse the next morning. She barely acknowledge my existence.

Is it too early for that Cosmo?  It is only 9:30 in the morning.


Friday, February 24, 2012

I Make Fire!!

The weather has been unusually mild this past winter.  We enjoyed temperatures in the 60's.  For February, in the Mid Atlantic that is a little too warm.  The weather will be turning this weekend to more winter type temperatures.  At least, it won't be frigid!

On an occasion when winter did make its appearance, I remembered to bring my camera on my walk with Lando.  

It was snowing lightly and had snowed the night before covering my block with a glistening white coat.  
                                              I love how the snow lays on bushes
and on the trees.

It makes everything look clean.  Everything looks peaceful and it is serene.  I love the sounds of my footsteps on the ground.  I like to be the first to step on the snow. Unfortunately, the snow didn't stick to the sidewalks.

I like this photo.  I was actually trying to take a picture of the snow/ice drop.  It blurred it but I like the depth that it created.  Still learning how to use the camera.  haha

Lando even posed for me.
He is such a good boy. Lando knows I need to practice :)

It was going to be one of those days where I wanted a fire and Bill was working.    I had seen him enough times to make it myself .  I came home from my walk with Lando and got to work.

I grabbed Bill's gloves.  My hands are small (child size) and the gloves are ridiculously huge on me.
Went outside got some wood and piled it in the fireplace.
I used one of those self starter bricks.  Its a cheat for me.  Struck a match and  watch it slowly build.


I did use a pizza box to get the roaring sound I love.

Yay!!  I mean ugh me woman ugh make ugh fire. (pound on my chest)

Now I could curl up on the couch and catch a marathon of World's Dumbest!!

Is anybody ready for spring yet???

Firestarter Abbie

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Ever had one of those days where it seems the world decides to go against you all day long.  It could be  that I am PMS but why do people have to be little a$$hol@s.

I came home to the trash being all over  the carpet.  Really Lando?  He was very good about not getting into the garbage.  Was the food that smelly but the coffee grounds??  That is a bitch to vacuum up without staining.

Donna Marie forgetting her grandfather's birthday especially after reminding her the week and day before.  Thou she remembers her husbands Aunt's birthday.  Am I being too sensitive?

How about  I babysit the kids on a work night so she and her husband can go out on a belated valentine dinner only to come home at 1AM.    I don't know about you but that was tough I was exhausted.  Did I get a thank you or a call the next day to tell me what a wonderful to me?   Nooo  Am I being taken for granted or being too sensitive?

How about I ask my son to help me put some things in the attic and he forgets?  Its not like I ask him to do things for me.  Far from it. I try not ask my children for any help because I end up getting upset because they whine.  

 My new phone died and I forgot the charger.  I didn't know the new phone gets very hungry for energy and it dies a quick death, if it is not fed.  It reminds me of an electronic toy my son once had.  It was a pet something or other and you needed to feed it, play with it, and take outside to remain happy.  It was the shape of a tiny egg.  Drove me crazy.   

People driving like dumb F$%^ on the road.   The douches were out today.  Its like they all know today is the day to mess with me. 

I am on my second day of my new lifestyle watching what I eat and exercising.  I downloaded an app that  counts and calculates for me what I haven eaten and what remains for the day.  It's great and sucks at the same time.  Now I see how many calories  I have left for the remained of the day and then I see how much I have left and its not much :(  Maybe if I wasn't such a fat f#$@ I wouldn't have this problem.  My metabolism is shot so I have to really work at this.

 I am hungry, cranky, and PMS( y).  I know it is not a word but work with me people!!!  This has been the longest day ever  :/

Well, I have vented .  I  would  love to have a Cosmo but I have reached my quota of calories for the day.    grrrr

Wasting away 1/4 of an ounce at a time Abbie

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One Request

It was brought to my attention, because I was clueless, that Google  Friend Connect will be closing and I will lose the precious few readers that follow me.

I ask, most humbly, that you please continue to follow me whether subscribing though email or RSS feed.  I have the choice on the right side of this post.

I have a twitter account but I still haven't attempted to connect the blog with it.

I am taking it one step at a time.  I am being pushed into this new medium by Google.   I am learning this on the fly since Google plans to do this on March 1, 2012.  

I was perfectly happy with the old way.   Why the change?  I don't like change.  For whatever their decision to do this,  I have to adjust. Is kicking and screaming okay?    

I hope you will continue this journey with me : ) I have enjoyed reading your comments.  If not,  it was a pleasure to have you as my follower <3 <3

Thank you


Legos with the Grands

Bill and I were watching the grandkids. 

Donna Marie and B were going out to dinner for a belated Valentine's Day.  It had been awhile, since we had all four kids in the house.  I was looking forward to it.  

They kept me on my toes.  Their demands were fast and furious.  They wanted something to eat.  Something to drink.  Snacks.  

The one that didn't talk was Joaquin. Donna Marie told he he would be hungry.  I have to figure out what he needs by smells and ears.  haha  He is crawling all over. Glad Bill was their to help keep an eye on that one!

Once my shift as short order cook was over,  we needed to do something to entertain the angels.  Olivia had that all figured out.

Olivia brought out the Lego's and spread them out.  

What happened next was that one by one,  all four kids came together and played so nicely together.


At least, for 10 minutes.  Then, chaos ensued.

It was a long 5 hours!  

Watching the Clock Abbie

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Bill wanted to make dinner.  He knew I wanted to play with my new phone!

Aren't my reading glasses sexy?  haha. 
A side effect to getting older.

And if your wondering what I am drinking.  It is nice tall glass of Cosmo.  Lots of ice :) 
Vodka is my friend!

It helps me to understand this new technology of an android.

While I was reading and playing with all the new buttons,  my wonderful husband made gumbo.  He was meaning to try a new recipe.  He didn't have all the ingredients but he is loosey goosey with recipes.  He will either substitute or delete.  That is so not me.  I need the directions and follow them to a T.  I make a better baker than I am a cook. Precise measurements. If I don't have everything I need, I  won't be cook
OCD much??

I had to clean my kitchen but I didn't mind.  As long as I could look at my pretty phone, I cleaned. It didn't bother me one bit.  He was working so hard.  The very least I could do.

My love started with oil, onions, and  garlic power.

While that was cooking, he sliced up one pound of andouille sausage.

Once all of that was sliced up, he went to work on the green pepper and red pepper. 

Bill added the sausage to the pot. 

He then added the rest of the ingredients plus tomatoes he grew from the garden. 

Bill added chicken, rice, and then seasoned.  He used chicken legs because I didn't have chicken breast.  See loosey goosey.  I wouldn't have made it unless he suggests it.  I wouldn't have thought about it.

The aroma of the succulent food was overwhelming!  I couldn't wait to eat. 

I forgot to take a picture of the final product but let me tell you it was delicious!  And very filling!! 
Doesn't food taste better when someone else cooks it for you?

Thank you Bill for a wonderful meal and my new phone!

Very grateful Abbie

Monday, February 20, 2012

One Shot

I have been interested in taking my picture taking more seriously.  I won't say photography because I am not in that league. Yet.

I asked Bill the other day for a favor.  I told him he might not like it but it would help me improve.  He nodded slowly and asked me to continue  I asked him if he could be my subject for improving my camera skills.  He rolled his eyes and said if only he can have say over what pictures are post worthy.  I agreed and it was only fair.  I wasn't planning it but he did bring up a good point, if one picture does come out nice I would love to post it. 

I know that I could use anything and go anywhere and use whatever to practice. But I figured I love to look at him and it would be something we could both do together, if that makes any sense.  The kind of pictures I like to take is natural.  Action shots or just being relaxed.

I figured with the digital camera I do not waste "film". I can take as many pictures figuring out what works with what and what all the knobs and buttons on the camera do.  I can take hundreds of film not print any of them. 

That way when I do improve, I can move to a better camera and I will feel good about it.

I was on pininterest and looking at all the things and I was noticing all the photos of various thing and I grabbed my camera. You can say I was inspired.

Bill was getting ready for work and I figured while he is busy I could start.  I got in position and I turned the camera on.  I told Bill the battery is dying so it won't be so bad. 

He was smiling and mentally preparing for my presence and listening for the click of the camera and not be so distracted to cut himself, while he was shaving. He need not have worried because after the first shutter of the camera it died.

My luck.

I told Bill not to worry because I was not really prepared.  I needed to have things situated to get the right shots.  I have an idea of what I am looking for and I will be ready the next time! 

He was not worried in the slightest.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Jackson turns 2

My little angel turns two.  His birthday party was at the Y.  The cake was done by a dear old friend of Donna Marie's.

His name is Howard. 

I got to catch up with another one of Donna Marie's childhood friends Kimmy.  She used to live next door.  She has two children that I instantly fell in love with.  

 Now I am the type to let the child come to me.  I don't like making a child interact with an adult they don't know.  But for some reason I couldn't help myself and I gave these children a hug.  Hey they were so sweet and what is better they didn't recoil.  For that I am most grateful, because I would have felt so bad if they did. 

The kids were taken to another room where it was spacious and they were able to play.

Bill, my mother in law, and myself stayed in the room where it had chairs.
 We played catch up and I had Jesse with me.  We passed him around. 

I gave him a present.  I teether.

I gave Olivia a sticker book.  She loves stickers. 

I gave Josiah a perfection game.  He liked it and so did the other kids.

I like to give presents to the siblings of my grandchildren to lessen the jealousy of the birthday child getting all the attention.

After an hour of play, they children came in and ate pizza and mac and cheese.
We sang to him and he loved all the attention. 
 He blew out most of his candles on his own.

The cake was served up with ice cream sandwiches.
I wished we had cleaned his pizza face,  But you can tell he really enjoyed it.
Happy Birthday Jackson!!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

A trip to the supermarket

I picked up Josiah from school. 

He didn't drive me.  He just like sitting in the driver's seat and be a kid.

I needed to go to the supermarket and get something for dinner.  I needed to get a cart.  i asked Josiah if he wanted to get in the cart or walk.  He wanted to going the cart but n the child's seat.  I double checked with him and he wanted to sit in the child seat.  This boy is 5 and he is big.  It took us a minute to get him in the seat especially with those long legs.

He beamed and giggled.  He was in heaven.  I can imagine he doesn't get in the cart with the other three siblings. Josiah had the cart to himself and couldn't stop smiling.

You know what he asked me?  Where are the Swedish fish?  I created a Swedish fish monster. Did I get it for him?  Of course, I did. 

While I was picking up items, he saw the box tops for education.  Josiah yelled that we need to get that because his mom needs them.  My daughter taught him well.  She is a collecting machine!  I told her and she was very proud of her boy.

As we are going through the store, I am just loving and kissing on him and he is giggling and giving me the best of hugs.

It was the best trip to the supermarket I have had in quite a long time. 

Please ignore the hair and the askew glasses.  Hugging and winds can be treacherous.

Still smiling Abbie

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Fan

I have a taste for Swedish fish.  I love those red gummy candies. I love them so much that I eat them all the time. 

I had my little bag opened, when my grandchildren asked for a piece.  I always share with them.  I loved the look on their faces when they tried it.  They instantly smiled and asked for more.  I usually have sweet things around the house so they always ask for something.

Isn't that what a grandma is supposed to have in her house??

I pick Josiah up from school once a week and I don't know how it started but we went to the store and I picked up some Swedish fish.  I was also getting something else at the time and since the stores have those temptations at the check out line I decided to get a little bag for Josiah.

The following week, he asked if we could get some Swedish fish and I said sure.  So now every time I pick him up, he asks me and I always say yes.  It is our thing.  I love our little routine. The last two weeks he has asked if we should get Pappy some candy.  Isn't he sweet for sharing?

Not the healthiest treat but it is something I look forward to doing with my Josiah.

When the weather gets hot, we will be going after school to get the Rita's water ice Swedish fish flavor!!!  I hope he likes it too!  If not, I will doing two trips.

 Yum yum :)

Sweet-Tooth Abbie

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Twisted Story

The Vowhttp://www.thevow-movie.com/

I had been seeing the ads for a few weeks and I am looking forward to watching it with the hubby.  How romantic!  The premise is a young newlywed couple get into an accident and the wife is in a coma.  When she wakes up, she forgets a chunk of time.  She remembers her last boyfriend and not her husband.  Now he has to win her all over again.  Does he do it?

As I start thinking about the movie and personalize it because the world revolves around me. (not)
Would my husband do that for me?  What if it was reverse and I had to woo my husband?  I thought of all scenarios. 

 Why do I make myself mental? 

 Here is what I thought please come and join me to crazy town.

If I was the coma patient, I would surely be pissed off.  I would look in the mirror and say what the f@#$ happened to me? 

Where did the wrinkles come from and why am I so fat?!?!  See if I don't remember my husband then my age would be 18.  I looked completely different at that age.  Forget about getting back with my husband I would be heading to the gym.  I would also wonder why did I move to the boondocks.   I used to live in NY.  City girl.   What the hell?

Then I would look at my kids and grandkids and be sad.  Sad that I missed so much time.  I would also be in a state of shock.  Remember I am mentally 18, I will have kids older than me and iinconceivable to have grandchildren.

My mind just blew up.  I think of all angles and would my husband take this opportunity to skedaddled and get the hell out of dodge?  If I was him,  I would drop me off at the nearest corner.

If my husband was the one waking up from a coma,  he would asked for a second opinion.  Would he give me a chance?  A short, round, Latina woman who adores him. I would be sneaking off to the gym every chance I got. Pull my face tight to lessen the wrinkles or just grow my hair long and cover them.  It may be cheaper. I did win him once before but I was in fighting shape back then. I hope he would.  In my movie version he would.

Don't all love stories end happily ever after?  Oh wait, those are fairytales?  Does it still count?

Thanks for riding with me on this little tour. 

I guess this movie only works by having very young well adjusted and in shape people for the lead characters. 

Happy Valentine's Day

Takes things too seriously and needs to loosen up Abbie