Sunday, June 5, 2011


It hasn't even been 24 hours, since my proclamation about getting in shape.  I have been hit with my first temptation. 

Dunkin' Donuts now has come out with frozen hot chocolate.  Frozen hot chocolate!!!  I love chocolate. I live for chocolate.

I have this uncontrollable urge to go to the nearest store, which is 7 minutes away and try one. 

They have also combined two flavors for the another ice coffee.  They have combined caramel with the mocha.  I like their iced mocha latte with whipped cream.  Even in the winter.  The lady at the counter knows me and makes mine with extra chocolate syrup.

Why would Dunkin' Donuts want to test my will power, when I am in such a vulnerable stage?

Chocolate was discovered in Mexico.   It used to be considered  normal to consume in daily life.  At times, it would be offered to the gods in religious events.

I could talk myself into thinking that way.  I will need it for when I am sweating and dry heave all over the place from not having enough oxygen . Thinking I am having a heart attack and praying for the Lord's strength.

Maybe I should just turn off the TV.  But I live to see the real Housewives of New Jersey or New York, those girls are crazy.

I have to get a hold of myself and say the mantra.  "Abbie,your face is a circle. It is round. " I have to say this over and over again.

I have a tough fight ahead of me.  Wish me luck. 

Picture taken from Dunkin' Donuts website

Tempted Abbie


  1. I can see why that may be looks DELISH! My husband has been to Dunkin' Donuts but I never have, we don't have one in the town we live in. He always talks about how good they are, so I had to add Dunkin' Donuts on my "bucket list" haha!

  2. Morgan

    If and when you ever go to one, you will see why I am in turmoil. haha


  3. You can do it!!!!!! Whenever I am in need of motivation I write out a schedule for myself and then each day I try to stick to it....I actually just did this the other day. Printed out calendars for the next two months - guess where they hang? - right on the front of the fridge! Each day I check off what I've done "exercise" wise and then at the end of each week I have a big square where I write in my weigh in number for the week. It helps me...I thought I'd share! :)

  4. PP in Pink - Thank you for the encouragment!! I did my first weigh in today. Not a great number but better than I thought.

    Thanks for the suggestions! If I write out my schedule, it should help.

  5. Best of luck! I'm hopeless when it comes to the siren song of chocolate... in fact, I think I hear it calling me now.

  6. Frozen hot chocolate? Wow -- that is just cruellllllllll... hence why I don't step foot in D&D! I used to be severly addicted to Dunkachino's and those things are ridiculously fattening!

    Stay strong!!!

  7. Cyn - You understand only too well!! They are evil but doesn't it look refreshing?


  8. Corinne - Isn't it the most intoxicating sweet ever!!!

    My name is Abbie and I am addicted to chocolate.


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