Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My poor Lando.  Lando is on guard at all times.  Frustrated by a door, that bars him from doing his duty of protecting his family from trespassers. 

On cool day and nights, I leave the side door open to let the breeze come inside.  As you know, I have visitors that come everyday.

I don't know if he can hear them but he may be able to smell them.   Lando will sit by my the door.

Lando leans on the screen door to get a better look at  Bunny Fufu.  He leans so hard he forms a perfect S shape.  I tried getting a picture but every time I moved so did he.

He is not happy.  Once he sees then, Lando will bark at the intruders. He will pace back and forth to
scare them away.

This is his view of the backyard.  The rabbits are out of view to the right.   Lando can see them.   They are not worried. If they know he is coming out, they run under the shed or behind the wood pile.

When my husband goes outside, Lando will run right out and search.

Lando races behind the wood pile.

Lando follows  their scent.

For as long as my husband is in the yard, he is sniffing and searching for the little critters in the yard.

Lando doesn't find them, not for a lack of trying.   The funny thing is that as soon as Lando comes inside, Bunny Fufus come hopping out and casually eat the clover in plain sight for Lando to see and the cycle starts all over again.

Well Protected Abbie


  1. How funny. He is too cute.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww... what a cutie-patootie Lando is! Is he Schnauzer???

  3. Amy - Thank you. He is my baby. A little hairy but he is my baby.

  4. Cyn - Thank You, Cyn.

    If you can believe, he is a minuature schnauzer. He is one that most people wouldn't want. He is not your typical dog. Lando has defects that would not make for good breeding but I adore him.


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