Monday, July 4, 2011

BBQ for two

Happy  4th of July!!!  I think it is the first one that I will not be with my children.  It will be just me and my husband.

My youngest son went to the beach with his girlfriend.  She wanted to see fireworks from the beach.  It is his first getaway with his girlfriend.  Something he did all by himself and looking very proud of himself.

Sean, my oldest boy, is in Colorado waiting for the birth of this first born son.

Donna Marie is home with her large brood enjoying her husband being home an extra day.  I know she needs and uses him, when he is home.  I wanted them to have a day for themselves.

I had to pick something up for the home and Bill came with me.  Home depot was having a sale on charcoal and my husband saw the grill. We bought a small grill.  It was big enough for us. 

The original idea for the trip to the store was to get an air filter for the air condition and we come home with a new grill, charcoal, and new utensils.

The holiday was coming up and family gatherings will be coming up and we needed a new one.

We got it going.  Or should I say Bill got it going.  It was a nice, hot, and humid day for a barbecue.

I got hamburgers, kielbasa, and the all American hot dogs.  We made a lot of food.  I guess we still cook for a big family. 

My stomach is still full just looking at this.  It was so yummy. Great job, Hun!!

   Happy tummy Abbie


  1. Sounds like ya handled to first 4th without all the kiddos pretty well!!! Happy Fourth!

  2. Cyn - Thank you!

    We did and had a lovely time. It was quiet.

  3. Sounds like a nice quiet evening! We did the same but I definitely miss those family get togethers!

  4. Amy -it is different. Its like we are a young couple again.

    Now, next year we could be filled to the brim with family. The babies will be older and all will be closer to home.


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