Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mom, I have something

Many events happened over the summer.  There was one particular week that was out of the ordinary and I have decided to spread it over several posts.

Bill was going to pick me up from work and asked if I would mind going to the mall with the kids.  I didn't see a problem with it.  I looked forward to seeing Sean coming to my office.

It had been awhile since Sean came to my job.  When he was in grade school, I would pick him and Denis up and come back to my job to finish up work.  He and his brother would share a desk and start doing their homework.  Sean wanted to show S my little office, so I gave her a quick tour.  Not much to look at, it is just one room. 

As we was getting into the car , Sean makes an announcement.  He tells me that S and him are getting married and that they will be getting married next week.  I can't begin to count how many OMG's I said. Thoughts are flooding my head.  When, where, how, what, and especially why!!!!  She is not pregnant.

Time seemed to freeze for what seemed like hours.  My head was flashing back. It wasn't too long ago, when I thought it was over between them.  Sean was going through a devastating time with S.  The hell the entire family went through was insane.

Being so far away and not being with him to help him tore me up.  Sean was left alone.  He wanted out he couldn't deal with it anymore and now he is telling me that he is happy and he wanted to marry this woman. It's what he wanted.

Should I be happy, mad, excited,confused?  To say that I was a mixture of emotions is an understatement. I looked at Bill for a cue on how to react but he is a poker player.  He was driving and didn't give anything away. I am more of the open book. You can tell by my face what I am thinking and feeling. I hope I didn't come across too bad.

As much as I wanted to truly enjoyed the moment, it was hard.  Worry seeped in and I started to look at all the options.  My son would be legally tied to her and if he wanted out there would be no way she would let him go.  I am  a bit of a cynic where marriage and the law are concerned. 

The past experience has shown that I am right to be worried.  Should I let it go and move forward?  The answer is yes.  I have to let him make his own decisions.  Marriage is hard even during the best of circumstances.  I truly hope they are were they need to be.

As a mom, you want your children happy. To see him happy made my heart soar. But the mind was still searching for any regret in his eyes.  Any plea to get out of this situation.  None was to be seen. 

I think I said congratulations.  At least, I hope I did.  I turned in my seat to face the road.  I took a moment to take a breath and think about the stunning turn of events.  I thought we were just going the mall.  My son thought differently.

For some reason, my children like to tell me life changing decisions when I least expect them.

Bombshelled Abbie

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Full House

Most of my posts are usually written in one afternoon.   For some reason, I was looking at my past posts and noticed this one.  Apparently, I had drafted one and forgot about it.  I had finished it but I didn't publish it.    I think this will tie nicely with the series I have been composing. As I look at this day,  I should have known something was coming my way. 

My son and his family will be coming home by the end of this week.  I haven't seen them since April.  I was planning to fly out and see them.  They wanted to surprise us but they had to tell us before we bought  tickets.

Plane tickets are outrageous and if you change or cancel, the fee is astronomical. I appreciated the heads up and for saving me a bit of money.  I guess the money will still fly out the window but it will go to my angels and not the airlines.

There are so many things  I have to do to prepare for their arrival.  I have to paint their room but with the time and humidity  I will have to hold off until they leave.  My daughter is planning to loan a portable crib.  I have one but I need another for the other baby,  There will be two this time.

Last time, I had all of four my grandchildren.  Now I will have six.  I am over the moon.

I have missed waking up and hearing Zoe's little voice wanting to get out of the crib.  Well, it wasn't her voice it was more of her moving in the crib.  I have bionic ears when she is near.  I would gently open the door and pick her up and take her with me to the family room.  That way the kids could sleep longer, if they'd like.  Pappy would have his turn as well.

I had to go to work on most days in the morning, so Bill enjoyed his one on one time with Zoe.  He is a great pappy.  They were like two peas in a pod.    I guess he will have to add another pea to the pod.

I have to get a ton of food and things.  They plan on staying for the rest of her maternity leave with us.  She has to return to her military duty.   I am hoping that they do stay a month but it will make it that much harder when they leave. I'll cross that awful bridge, when I have to.

 Welcoming Abbie

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Children's Museum

We went to the children's museum.  It was pouring down rain.   Drenched, we went inside to show Zoe a good time.  The section that is meant for her age is a walk way. 
Zoe happened upon a beaver.  Sean got a hold of him and entertained her.

Zoe also came across the fox, who happened to steal her heart and a kiss.

Zoe loved this table.  She cleaned all the leaves with a spatula that she found.

Zoe watched as I turned the wheel to have the little beaver pop out of his home.  I had him play peek a boo with her.

Nothing better than being in Pappy's arms.

Hard Hat Zoe

Zoe loved this slide.

Zoe enjoyed playing with this.  I forget what it is called.  I know you push things along.

I love this family!
  We had a great rainy day!


Sunday, September 25, 2011


Ever since we moved into our home 5 years ago, we have had a passing visitor.  On the coolest of nights when the air conditioner is turned off and the windows are open, he passes by on his journey.

I have always enjoyed sleeping with the windows wide open.  Nothing sounds better then hearing the crickets chirp and the trees rustle softly as I go to sleep. 

I lay in my comfy bed and sleep when I am awaken by this stench.  It has filled my bedroom.  I go to the window and the aroma is just pouring into my room.  I close it and then I run to the bathroom and get the febreeze.  As I am running, I can smell it in the other rooms.

I start spraying as I walk back to my room.  Leaving a trail of aerosol fumes.  I saturate my bedroom until I think it is gone.  So pissed that my sleep was interrupted and that  I had to get up and do some damage control.  All the while, I am hoping that nothing has stuck to any of my clothes.

I have often wondered why there would be a skunk in this area.  I live right outside of the city.  Why does it stick around our in our tiny development? Every year, I hope that he finds a new neighborhood to live in and every year I am disappointed.  He would make me insane and beg for him to go away.

My son from his window would see him meander up and down the road over the years.  Denis told me he had the widest white streak and he was massive.  The skunk strolled the streets like he owned the road.  The skunk was a scourge to my sleep routine.

It was a game for this skunk.  I think he would wait until I was in a deep sleep then pass my window.  He didn't need to be close for the gentle winds would carry his stench into my window. 

I would then be forced to close the windows, spray the area, then put the fan on at ungodly hours.

Since it was summer, I would have the windows closed due to the horrendous heat.  AC is the best invention ever!!  I didn't have to worry about the odorous little dude.  I slept in comfort.  No worries. 

A couple of weeks ago, it cooled considerably and the ritual began all over again.  I slept with the window open but he didn't come around.  He let me have one night.  And only one night. He lured me into a false sense of security because the following night he hit.  I guess subconsciously I knew it was a lie because the smell wasn't so bad.  I got to it in time.  But my restful night was ruined.

A few days ago, Bill told me that the skunk got run over.   He expected me to hoot and holler but what he got instead was pity.  Can you believe I felt sadness?  He was an old skunk who lived a very long time and he got run over by a car.  You got to respect an animal to be able to survive dogs, cars, and the heat for that long of a time. 

Maybe I have Stockholm Syndrome?  You know when you feel empathy for your captor.  That could only explain why I feel sad for the foul smelling guy. I'm nuts.  Plain an simple.

All Bill could do was shake his head. As long as we have been married, I still surprise him.  Did I tell you he is a saint of man? 

Captive Abbie

Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Liam

I could have stared at his blue eyes all day.  Provided that he held them open that long.  Liam tended to sleep more often than not. 

I have a weakness for blue eyed men.  Liam is also the apple of my eye.   I can hold him all day.  Probably spoiling him too much but I need to have him in my arms as much as possible.  It had to get me through until I see him again.

Sometimes  I would come home from work and pick him up saying I haven't had him all day.  Of course that was after i smothered Zoe with loads of kisses and hugs.  Sean and  I would huddle with Zoe and do a round of speed kisses.  She would laugh.

Liam would get angry when I tried to do that.  Did I care?  No.  He needed to suck it up.  : )    I would get him every chance I could and just hold him.  I did apologize to S about spoiling him.    Liam liked to be held and I liked to hold him.  It was a mutual partnership.

I miss that little guy.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Homework Revisited

I pick up Josiah once a week from school.  Today, Donna Marie asked me to do homework with him because she had a lot to do tonight.  She was planning something for her husband's birthday and she wanted the kids to help her with making the cake. 

I was a little hesitant.  I am not the parent.  I am the grandparent.  I am supposed to be fun one.  Let them play with the toys. Easy and not demanding and to spoil them rotten.  I think it is written in a grandparent handbook. I take this very seriously.

I am also supposed to get my kids to roll their eyes, when I let their children run amok.  I am supposed to hear "you never let us do that or eat that when we were young." That is so correct!  I was your mom not your grandparent.

Josiah and I came home and I fixed him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  He was hungry.  I let that slide down his belly before we went to the dinner table and started the homework assignment.

I have said this before,  I do not think 5 year olds need homework.  I think kindergarten should be like an intro to school.  Simple.  Learning the rules. Getting used to the environment.  I think it is too soon to be bogged down by homework.  My angel had a lot of homework!

He had to write a few words 3 times each. Josiah had to write the numbers 1-20 one time each.  He forgot to bring his composition book so Bill made his own lined paper for Josiah to use.  We didn't have loose leaf.  It worked out quite well. 

What I want to know is, what happened to coloring and story time and playdoh?  It is still learning with no intense writing. My kids had a great time when they started.  Very little homework and it was only for a few hours.

The children in my area now go for the full day.  I think it is a bit of an overkill.  They have school work and learning all day and then to continue at night.  I know they want our children to be more competitive but this is ridiculous.   It took us an hour to do homework and I was beat.

It brought up anxiety of needing patience and to constantly repeat myself and to guide the child.  He didn't want to do homework.  He wanted to relax and have fun with his toys.  I don't blame him one bit.  He did a great job and I wanted to treat him with something sweet.    I

I gave his this candy. 

It lights us when you hold the pumpkin shaped candy.

It was fun but it tasted awful.  Josiah ate it .  blah.  It tasted more gum paste than sweet.  I guess kids will eat anything as long as it is candy. 

I'll have to make sure to have extra special treats, if I have to do this again.  I am no hurry to do this again.

Not a Substitute Abbie

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Soccer Days

Donna Marie asked me to help her on Saturdays.  She has a few of the kids enrolled in extra curriculum activities.  Josiah is on an All sport clinic and the first sport is soccer.

We walked to the field while she went inside with Jackson for swimming lessons.  Donna Marie said Jackson screamed for the first twenty minutes and slowly got used to it.  He likes the baby pool but was not happy being in so deep so hopefully he will lose this fear.

Donna Marie lived at the pool when she was little.  She reminded me of a little fish.  I am so happy that
she is doing this for the kids.  I want them to be open to many experiences in life.

Josiah was a little shy as were some of the kids. 

The instructor did a very well with the kids and had them do some stretches .

She had them do running drills.

 What made it funny was the fact she told them to run to her and they and they did.  They all crowded around her.

 She had to say more clearly that she wanted them to run to the line she was on.

She taught them to dribble the ball. 

Donna Marie and Jackson met us on the field when they were done with his lesson.  Jackson looked tired.  Screaming his head off can do that to a person.  He likes the Kiddy pool but not the big pool.  He started to warm up on the last 10 minutes.  Jackson watched his brother practice while holding a soccer ball.

 Jackson was going eww his feet just touched the wet grass.  I love this boy!

After the lesson, it was the parents turn to play with the kids.  Josiah enjoyed this. 

Good first day!

Soccer Grandma Abbie

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ireland in New York

  A couple of dear relatives of Bills were in the states.  One couple was on their honey moon and she brought her brother and his fiance for company.  They had never been to the US and wanted experience travelers.

We met them in Times Square.  I thought I would have noticed Dee first but I recognized Dermot, her husband first.   The saw the Naked Cowboy walk around with his guitar.

It was so good seeing them.  I had missed them.  I was introduced to Liam, Dee's brother and Ann Marie, Liam's fiance.  I didn't get a chance to meet them the last time I was in Ireland.  He was busy getting engaged at the time I as visiting. 

We went to Planet Hollywood for lunch.  As you walk in, they take your picture.  The picture was good but I am not paying $24 for one picture and some magnets.  I took a few, it was a little dark. 

We ordered a couple of rounds of drinks to start the lunch!!

Dee had asked what we should see.  We were supposed to take  them sightseeing but Liam spoke up and said we didn't have since to go anywhere.  I didn't know what to do.  I asked Dee and she said we didn't have to do anything. 

Liam, Dermot, and Ann Marie wanted to do a "session".  They hadn't done one  since they arrived.  I didn't know what it was at first, but I was all game.  In other words, go do some serious drinking.

We went to an Irish pub .  Dee wanted to sit outside but there are no bars where you can in Times Square.  We got one that did a close job.  We sat just inside the bar but the wall was missing and you felt like you were outside.

The drinks flowed 

and flowed they did.

I almost kept up with them.   I had cosmos.  The others had beers. I think I was behind by no more than one.  Not that I was trying to they went down smooth.

Bill ordered the first round of shots..  They were called Baby Guinness.  They were delicious.  Dee thought they were too sweet. 

We got one more round than someone order a sour apple or apple sour shot.  They were amazing.  We had two rounds of those.  Some time later someone order a redheaded slut.  It was ok.  They went down.

Things start to become a little fuzzy but someone wanted to go to another pub. 

We went to another place and had another  round.  We had been drinking for 8 hours.  I could believe it .  Around 7pm,  Bill ordered us some fries.  Let me tell you that they were the best fries in the world.

We had a great time.  Liam commented that he enjoyed meeting us.  Ann Marie was happy that we could hang.  She had a great time and knew that Dee wouldn't have had us over, if we were fuddy duddies.   

I had an awesome time with them. 

Glad Bill and I took pictures.

Mind you I have no idea how but they came out great . Except for one.  It looks like I am falling off the bar stool  lol
I am not showing that one!

Boozy Abbie

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cost of Maintaining

I went to the nail salon last night.  I love that I can say that.  Little did I know that to maintian the illusion of beautiful nails, it would come with a small price.

A couple of months ago, I went and got my nails done with my daughter.  I have been faithful and went back every two weeks to get them filled.  No pain. 

I would chit chat with the other ladies and walk out with the sense of pride on my little fingers.  The nails provided length to my otherwise child size hands.  I loved the sound when I tapped on  the table.  I liked looking at my old hands.   It made me like an old girl. 

I go there on this particular day and look to see if Samantha is there.  She is one nail tech that my daughter loves.  Alas, she wasn't there.  I have gone there a few times and I have gone to a different one each time.  I figure this way I can get to know them all and I would pick the one I could gel with.

A pretty one comes to me and leads me to her station.  Let me tell you I will not go with her again.  I told her I needed a new set.  She sat me down and proceeded to use one of the fake nails to pry my nail off.  She was not gentle and it felt like she ripped my real nail with the fake nail off.  I yelp.  My daughter said it is not suppose to hurt, so you let them know if it does.  Well I did and she tells me you are not used to it and showed that my nail wasn't bleeding. "see".  I see alright but hell woman warn a woman first. 

My poor nails got there revenge.   One of the nails didnt peel right off, so she used another torture device to clip the edges.  She snipped and it shot right in her eye.    Hell lady, if you didn't do it so fast maybe you wouldn't be blind.

I couldn't wait for it to be over.  A lady that was sitting next to me said that it does hurt but if you soak your nails it would be easier.  If I want to do it myself and pain free, I need to soak them in acetone.  Guess who will be trying that one?

If it doesn't work I will not do this again.  My poor nails were so tender.  I am now just feeling better. 

What makes it worse is when it was time to pay.  I gave her my card and she brings it back and says cash please.  I look at the slip and do not see a tip line.  I tell her "I have no cash I was planning to put it on the slip."  "You should have told me I would have added to the amount."    She points to the atm machine just outside the door.  She shakes her head and I am ticked.  Not only did she torture me now she is ticked because I have no cash. 

What did I do?  Like a dumb #$%^ I go and get the cash and make her break the twenty.  She was not pleased that I  interrupted her time with her new client who scooted in my seat as I got up.  I should have said something but I guess I was still in shock from the trauma I just went through.  Where were Cyn or Destiny when I needed someone?

I will turn my ass around the next time I go in and she is the only one available. Yes, I am a masochist. I have to go back. I like my girly hands I even got a complement.  I never received a compliment before about my hands.  It made me feel good.

I need help but I will look good while needing it!

  Manicure Addicted Abbie

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zoe World

Zoe is a breath of sunshine and rainbows all rolled up. When she gets tired, she grabs Pappy's glasses and hands it to him with his ipod. Zoe knows that the ipod touch can play her favorite shows. Zoe will climb up on his lap and watch it with him. 
Bill and I have missed her terribly. In one of our little talks, he expressed he did not want them to leave. Made my heart ache. I already know it will be hard for me when it is time for them to go back home but now to know it won't be just me makes it worse.

I could do without the late nights of crying.  She doesn't want to go to bed and wants the whole city to know that tid bit.  I could also do without toys being scattered around the house 24/7.  I was used to it being only one or two days a week when my other grandkids visited.  I feel like I am Godzilla and I am stomping through a Japanese city and screeching along the way.  Why you say? because those damn toys hurt. 

You would think I would pick them up it is my home after all but shouldn't the parents be doing this job?

I guess they are on vacation and I am too tired at the end of the day/night to do much about it. It will only be for a few more weeks and then I go back to my normal routine but without the sweet smile of Zoe or the baby smelling Liam to greet me.

Wistful Abbie
'PS - I wrote this when I had the energy a few weeks ago

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tough Weekend

Sean and his family left on Friday.  I couldn't believe how fast time flew by.  I don't know how moms do what they do and still keep up with blogs.  If I had time, it was to go to sleep.  The computer was the last thing on my mind.  Even though there were times, when I thought I should be jotting down all the things that were going on in this family. Hopefully, I will remember them.  The weather, family occasions, and food stick out in my mind.

Little milestones were reached.  Liam grew longer and heavier. His appetite grew from 2 oz to 6 oz by the time he left.  Zoe's changes were more internal and I got to see more of her personality.

This is what he look liked at the beginning of August.

Zoe on August 9.

Zoe adores her brother and kissed him often.  She knew how to use the word "No".  Zoe also refused to say the word "please".  It was like she thought it was only for the little people and not for a princess.     We are working on this!
This is them in September. Small changes.

I am so happy to have been a part of this time in their lives.  They have my heart.

These little rascals knocked me out at night.  I dragged to work on weekday mornings.  I couldn't wait for the weekend where I didn't have to rush out the door. I relished staying home and helping with the babies.  I enjoyed being home and be surrounded by happy noise.  Greeting the mornings with the little ones. 

I guess it had to end sometime.  It was quiet coming home from the airport.  The was no little voice humming a little ditty or asking for something to eat.

When we got home, there were no sounds of little pitter pats on the hardwood floors.  I had purposely  savored those sounds that morning.  I knew they would be the last time I would hear them from Zoe for awhile. 

Bill and I decided to go on a sugar bender.  Nothing cures heartache than sugar.  And sugar is what we had! We stopped off at Dunkin Donuts got a dozen donuts and our ice coffees.  We then went to the local corner store and got Swedish fish and ice cream.   We sat down on the couch and watched a mini marathon of Rescue Me.  It helped.

I do miss them.  There is no one waiting for me at home.  Well, there is Lando.  His kisses are messy instead of air kisses.  He barks instead of coos.   He wags his tail or what can be called a tail instead of saying hi like Zoe. 
My faithful friend.  Lando bided his time, while I doted on the grandkids.  Lando is my comfort to an achy heart.  I know he is not going anywhere.  He is a good boy.

Empty Nester Abbie (again)