Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I get home from work and it is really humid and I didn't feel like cooking.   Bill was so tired from working the night shift.   He was looking a little pie eyed when I suggested to go out for dinner and what did my love say but okay.  He is hungry and knows its a choice between cold simple sandwiches or a nice thick steak.  We went out to dinner. 

We went to Bugaboo Creek.  It looks like the inside of a trapper's cabin.  It has moose heads, deer heads, and mounted fish hanging on the walls.  A huge bear greeting the customers stood against the wall.  The lamps were made of deer antlers.   Fishing gear, nets, and pictures of every kind of hunting hanging on the walls.  A Canadian Mountie was by the hostess station.

They have great Mudslides but I resisted the urge and went with  a diet soda.  We had crab cakes for appetizer.  They were okay.  It was a little on the greasy side.   I enjoyed a Caesar salad with no cheese, no croutons, and dressing on the side.  I had an 8 oz steak with creamy mash potatoes.  I do love this dish I get it every time I am in here.  I didn't take pictures of this dinner even though I have taken to carrying a camera  around with me.  I was hungry.  Food comes first.  I get very cranky when I get hungry.    Bill ordered a NY strip which he had them redo because it was well done and my man likes his strip medium rare.  I finished my meal and his NY strip came out late but perfect.  

I ordered dessert.  It was delicious and it was huge.  We shared it.  We only ate a little bit and took the more than half  home. 

I asked Bill after dinner,  if he would like to take a walk with me.  It would help with the digestion and the real reason to work off some of those calories.  I had been good most of the day.  I did the portion control and ate the right foods.  I just needed to add the exercise to the mix.  We took the Lando with us.  He can always use exercise the little fur ball.  I have to change that he lost most of the fur.

We waited an hour for the sun to go down a bit and then I applied bug spray.  The mosquitoes come out at dusk.  We walked for 3.5 miles.  I felt great.  As we are on on way home.  Bill spotted a this little retile.  I got a hold of Lando's leash I didn't want him to go after it and eat it. I was ticked I didn't bring my camera but I did bring my phone.  I took a few pictures thinking this was your average garden snake.

Being so naive, I  didn't think anything of it when Bill tried to pick it up by the tail.  We don't have poisonous snakes in DE.

I believe he wouldn't get hurt if he tried to pick up a snake.  Bill is from here.  As he tried to get a hold, the snake did a position that remind me of a rattlesnake.  To my little knowledge of a safe snake, if there is such a thing as a safe snake, most snakes try to slither away. This snake did not do this typical reaction. In fact this reaction reminded me of an aggressive snake.  This tiny snake even rattled his little tail.  You could see it.

Bill, being the crocodile hunter, tried again and this snake got in his pose and stared at Bill and waited for a chance to strike a gain. 

Bill kept reassuring me that we don't have rattlers. "Are you sure?"  He said yes, but we have water moccasins and diamond heads.  I  shrieked.  Was he kidding?!? I know it is small but come on it is still a  snake.  Bill explained that it almost looks like a diamond head but that it wasn't.  I think what he was telling me was a web of lies!!!(insert wicked laugh) He told me this so I wouldn't be a big ole wuss and to calm the hell down.

He assured me that it is too small to do any damage.    I kept urging Bill to put it down and move away.   The snake may be small but he was VERY feisty.   I know about being small and feisty, because I am both.  Never underestimate things that come in small packages. 

The snake slithered away while I ran away to my safe little home dragging the dog by the leash and leaving Bill in his glory of taming a snake.

  Snake Charmer's Wife  Abbie

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Lazy.  That is what my weekend was for me.   The Bruno Mars - "The Lazy Song" sums it all up for me.  I stayed on the couch all day Saturday and watched Real Housewives marathon that Bravo TV had hosted and in between I took cat naps.

I had plans to do a lot of things places to go.  What I didn't count on was how tired I was.  I guess it all caught up with me.  I had been helping my daughter with the kids for the past two weeks. 

I would work half days and then I would head over to her house and I would pick up the two older ones.  I didn't take Jackson because he still needs a nap and if he doesn't get one, he gets incredibly cranky.    It gives Donna Marie a chance to catch her breath,  take a shower, do some chores, or take a nap.
Now my weekend is over.  I feel refreshed but now I have laundry to do, food shopping, clean my house in the little time I have during the work week.  Oh well, it was worth it. 

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed Abbie

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Day

A gorgeous day to take the kids to the park.  It is my last day of helping my daughter.  I wish I could financial keep taking half days at work but bill collectors don't appreciate not being paid on time.  They tend to get testy and like a scorned lover they turn mean and start sending letters and phone calls increase in volume.  I have been around the block and do not want that again.

I took my angels to a park right up the road from their home.  It is lovely.

It has two sections one area for the older kids and another for the 2-5 year range.

The variety of things to fully engage a child was amazing.  Different types of ladders.  Lets just say it has been a couple of decades since I have taken little ones to new park.

The park I have in my neighborhood is the standard I am used to seeing.  Swings, slides, and jungle Jim.

Their park had a sandbox which they loved.

They took off their shoes and went in.   I have a thing about sand boxes.  I looked in it to make sure it was safe.  I didn't see any debris. I tried to hold back my OCD.  The crazy thoughts kept creeping up.  Cat poo, bacteria, disease, trash needles, dead animals.
It was taking all I had to not scoop them up and give them a bath in hand sanitizer.

My Olivia loves her swing.  I pushed her on one for at least 20 minutes.   There was a swing called a Jennswing. I have never seen one. I saw an older child in it.  As I am pushing Olivia, I see Josiah get himself into the Jennswing and strap himself in.   He looks at me with the biggest grin and asks me to push him. 

I get closer to him and I see that this swing has to be for a disabled child.  I thought that was wonderful.  All children, no matter what disability, should enjoy the park.  A child should know what it is like to have the wind blow on your face while you are on the swing.  It is the closet to flying.  I looked around to see if anyone who truly needed this swing was waiting in line for it.  I would have taken Josiah off the swing immediately.  

 I gave Olivia a turn. 
 We were at the park for at least two hours.  On our way to the car, we saw a little insect.

  They didn't see at first.  I had to point it out to them. 

Olivia is always the first to try and get up and personal.  Josiah is a watch and see kind of guy. They were so intrigued by it. I explained why it is called a Praying Mantis and why it is a good bug to have in the park.  They enjoyed seeing it.

A nice way to end a day at the park.

 Lovin' Abbie

Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Family Me Day

I have been needing a chocolate fix lately.   I have been good until today.  I was reading a post by . She had just celebrated her birthday.  The picture of the cake looked so good. 

I also had a birthday a few weeks ago.  I didn't have a cake and that was ok.  But when I saw her cake, I buckled. I wanted a cake too.  I picked up two of my grandkids and we headed to Cannon's bakery.

When my children were little, I would buy the kids birthday cakes.  Cannon's do an amazing job.  They made my wedding cake. 

We walk in and the kids are all over the glass case.  All I can think at that moment, thank God I do not have to clean the display case.  I had to peel them off. The kids want this and that. Their eyes were so big by all the delicious offerings.

I pick a chocolate cake.   I wanted this cake to have a purpose. I didn't want a cake to satisfy my sweet tooth but to have a special meaning.  It came to me.  I ask them to put "Me Dday" on the cake.

We will celebrate our first Me Day.

Me Day is a day I dedicate to myself.  It is usually reserved for my birthday and for mother's day. All I want on these days is my family's company.  All the kisses and hugs I want with no complaint. Most important no cooking!!!  I  even get one for work.  It is Secretary's day.  Or to be politically correct Administrative Assistant 's Day.
At work, I get cards and taken out to lunch. 

I decided that we all deserved a "Me Day".  I had the cake and I had each child pick a treat.  Josiah had a car cookie and Olivia wanted a sprinkle cookie. I also got two giant eclairs for Bill and I.   They were outstanding.

We got home and the kids were thinking it was for a birthday. I kept saying no it was a cake for Me Day.
I put a candle for each of us. 

 I asked them each what makes them happy.  Josiah said clowns. 

 Olivia said elephants.

 Bill said my family and I said for Me Days.  We blew out the candles and dug into the cake.

They may not remember their first celebration.  Hopefully they will come to realize that everyone deserves a Me Day. Even if it is for only a day a year.
  Tooting my own horn Abbie

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bad Hair Day

 My Lando.  My sweet little dog.  My hairy love.

 I have been a bad mommy.  I have not kept on his grooming.

He is not your traditional schnauzer.  He doesn't have coarse hair.  It is soft and it curls. I love petting him.  Lando looks like a little bear.  His eyebrows need to be done.  His beard needs to be trim.  He reminds  me of a woolly lamb.  You know it is bad, when a child comes out of her home and spots the dog. She yells for her mom saying there is raccoon in the front yard. I love
Lando with long soft curly hair.   There is a window of time, when his long hair is the perfect length and after that his hair gets matted really easily.

I made the appointment.  The drastic change it will be.  I will arrive to a new dog.

 Lando looks like a different dog.

Lando is still soft but now he is neat and trim.  I miss his shagginess.  I know it will grow back.

And then he will return..... 

Patient Abbie

Monday, June 20, 2011

Being with Pappy

Olivia loves to be with her Pappy.  

Olivia has him wrapped around her little finger. She can boss him around. All she has to do is ask and her will be done.

If he is home from work, she wants to be near him.  We were on to the park and she skinned her knee when she fell.  Bill was going to continue and take Josiah and I was going back home and get her cleaned up, but she rather go to the park and be with  her Pappy.

Today, she sat with Pappy in his favorite chair.  Olivia was chattering away and all the while just touching his face.

She loved touching his eyebrows and the top of his head. Pappy just let her. 

 Olivia was being so gentle.  She looked so comfortable sitting on his lap. 
 Or should I say using him as a recliner. 

Am I jealous?  Not at all.

Cartoon Liver Sitting
                                     Chopped Liver Abbie

Sunday, June 19, 2011

An All Around Great Guy

In the United States, Dads will be celebrated, remembered, and honored today.

I am celebrating a man who is a dad.  Not just an ordinary man. A man who dedicates his life to his family. The head of the family.  The man who is stronger than all superheroes.

The wisest man in the world. Capable of fixing all pulled off arms of the Ninja Turtles. More creative than MacGuyver, able to make toys and gadgets out of paper towel holders and baskets. Willing to resuscitate a rabbit knowing it was for not but for the sake of his little girl whose heart was breaking.  Willing to be used as a recliner for a sleepy child.  Be the shield to a frightened kid. To religiously watched Little Bear.  Introduced his kids to Doctor Who.

 Read the classics at bed time - Treasure Island, Robinson Caruso, Moby Dick and the Last Mohican's.

He introduced them to camping, fishing, and sports.

He was a labor coach. He held my hand during our childrens birth.

After work, he took care of the kids when I went to work at nights.  
He worked sometimes two jobs with little sleep when times were extremely tough.

Lets me take all the good pillows.

If I can make his weekend, by letting him have full control of the remote.  Let him stay in bed as long as wants.  Make his favorite foods.  It is the least I can do for the man, who changed my life. Who would do anything for me. Who supports me with no questions asks and respects me.

I absolutely adore and treasure him.

It seems so little for a day or a weekend to honor such a man but it is a start.

Happy Fathers day to you, my love!

  Number 1 Fan Abbie

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mommy, blah be bo di!

I was visiting Donna Marie and my mother called me on the phone.  I normally speak spanish to her.

As I am speaking with her, I noticed that the kids were quiet and paying attention to me.  I don't think they ever heard me speak that much in spanish at one time.

After a moment, Olivia and Josiah start babbling.  I think they are saying words. The words are incoherent and then I realize they are imitating me. They go to their mom and "speak" spanish.   Donna Marie tries to answer but she doesn't know what they are saying.  All she can can is yes.

I start to laugh and I explain to my mom why I am laughing, she in turn laughs and tells me to speak spanish to them.  I speak spanglish.  There are not many in my area who speak spanish so my spanish has gotten a little rusty.

I try watching spanish soap operas and it has improved my language skills but it would be nice to put it into action.

I have said words to them over these years and this year Josiah is going to a bilingual school. He will get better taught by teachers. It is the first year of the new school.  He will be learning both languages well.

I am so excited because as he learns so will the others.  Do you think we will sound like "ba bli bo" to other people when we will speak in spanish?

Spanglish Abbie

Friday, June 17, 2011

Rough Night

We sang songs on the radio for the drive.  When we arrived at my grandchildren's home,  I went straight for Joaquin and sat on the couch.  They all wanted to hold the baby.  I gave them each a turn. 

The kids being typical kids wanted this,  that,  and the other thing. They were bouncing off the walls.  Donna Marie was a little overwhelmed. Now in the past I would let her handle it, but at this point I didn't know what I should do first without ticking Donna Marie off.

It was bath time.  She gave the first one to Jackson and then went to Olivia.  That is when the incident happened.  I was downstairs with Josiah and Joaquin and I hear "really ".  Somehow there was an " accident" in the middle of the hall.  I told Josiah do not go upstairs. I would go instead into the lion's den.

I went upstairs.  It was very quiet. There was a stain on the floor in the hallway. Donna Marie was tiger fast.  She had managed to clean most of the mess and put Jackson in his crib. I head to Olivia's room and see Donna Marie getting her ready for bed. 

Olivia was being chatting and taking her time getting her clothes on for bed.   Donna Marie looked a little stressed out. I looked around to see what  could do for her.  I  suggested  I would finish getting Olivia dressed for bed and Donna Marie could get Josiah started on the bath.

Josiah being a 5 year old wanted to play and I could see her patiences get lower and lower.  I gently told her I would take over and for her to go downstairs.  She quietly left. 

It was pretty cool. It had been a long time since I gave a bath to a little angel. He played while I washed him up.  I got him dressed and then it was time to brush teeth.

Olivia wanted her mommy to brush her teeth.  Before Donna Marie could answer, I said I would.  I brushed their  teeth to the tune of Yankee Doodle.  They thought that was so funny.Donna Marie takes this opportunity to finish cleaning the stain. Her bane at this moment.

At last, it was time for prayers and bed. Since I was there,  they didn't want to go.   I came downstairs to let her handle that part.   It was a little struggle for her. 

I come over to where Joaquin is and he starts to stir and then he cries.  A hungry cry.  I sigh.  I was hoping Donna Marie would have at least a few minutes of quiet.  I pick this little morsal and wait for his mommy to come down and feed him.

I try to soothe him. He drifts off to sleep again.  She hurries to close the windows and turn the air on.  She settles on the couch.  All the angels are tucked in bed and one getting ready to eat.  So I take my cue to leave. Donna Marie smiles a tired smile.  At least, I leave on a quiet note.

It was a long day.  As I walk to my car, I see someone peek through the bedroom window.  It was Olivia, the little rascal.

I waved goodbye and throw her a kiss.  I told myself I will see you tomorrow.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It started well.

I had to break this post into two parts. It was a long day. 

The day started off well.  I had a full day at work.  Donna Marie's husband didn't have to go in until late afternoon. After work, I picked up the kids at his job. 

I did a couple of errands. We went to the bank and they immediately asked for a lollipop.  The bank was closed so I went through the drive up.  We went to  pay the water company.  They don't let you ride too long without paying.   I can do without a phone but I need the water on at all times.  We wouldn't survive in the summer. I enjoy my showers.

We went to get McDonald's.

They really like the toys.  Josiah has been eating more lately.  One hamburger happy meal was enough but I think I have to go to the Big Kid Meal. Or is it called the Mighty Kid? 

Olivia and Josiah are at the stage were they love to play together but tend to get on each others nerves every few minutes. 
Adding to this mix is Jackson. He is almost 18 months but he feels he can do everything they do. This makes him a child with danger all around him.  I wish I could put him in a bubble or surround him with bumpers.

Jackson can say "no" and knows the meaning of "no" but he doesn't like to be told no.  Case in point.  They were playing with the big Lego's.  Jackson likes to breakdown whatever the other two are building.  Josiah yells which prompts Jackson to start throwing the Lego's at them.

Jackson would play and throw without meaning to and now he throws and tries to aim at the kids.  This is when I say no no.  Can that little guy get mad.   He tries again and again I say no no.  Then he starts to cry in anger.  What do I do?  I pick him up and sit him on my lap.  When he calms down, which actually takes seconds, I put him down. 

I decide to them them in the  backyard. The kids want to water the garden and clean my patio. I am not fighting those chores.  Not that I would normally mop my patio.

Olivia waters the lawn with Jackson follows behind her.  He loves water. 

What I find extra precious, Olivia is watering in heels.  Her princess heels.

Josiah decides that my patio needs a wash.  He got a hold of a mop and started to work. 

I had him wear my flip flops. My feet are small.  They almost fit him.  He has nice sandals that don't do well if it gets wet.  

 After a few minutes, they got bored and they switched. 

Happy times were short lived and it was time to go home.  Tomorrow, I will tell what happened that made it a rough night.

Happy Abbie