Thursday, June 16, 2011

It started well.

I had to break this post into two parts. It was a long day. 

The day started off well.  I had a full day at work.  Donna Marie's husband didn't have to go in until late afternoon. After work, I picked up the kids at his job. 

I did a couple of errands. We went to the bank and they immediately asked for a lollipop.  The bank was closed so I went through the drive up.  We went to  pay the water company.  They don't let you ride too long without paying.   I can do without a phone but I need the water on at all times.  We wouldn't survive in the summer. I enjoy my showers.

We went to get McDonald's.

They really like the toys.  Josiah has been eating more lately.  One hamburger happy meal was enough but I think I have to go to the Big Kid Meal. Or is it called the Mighty Kid? 

Olivia and Josiah are at the stage were they love to play together but tend to get on each others nerves every few minutes. 
Adding to this mix is Jackson. He is almost 18 months but he feels he can do everything they do. This makes him a child with danger all around him.  I wish I could put him in a bubble or surround him with bumpers.

Jackson can say "no" and knows the meaning of "no" but he doesn't like to be told no.  Case in point.  They were playing with the big Lego's.  Jackson likes to breakdown whatever the other two are building.  Josiah yells which prompts Jackson to start throwing the Lego's at them.

Jackson would play and throw without meaning to and now he throws and tries to aim at the kids.  This is when I say no no.  Can that little guy get mad.   He tries again and again I say no no.  Then he starts to cry in anger.  What do I do?  I pick him up and sit him on my lap.  When he calms down, which actually takes seconds, I put him down. 

I decide to them them in the  backyard. The kids want to water the garden and clean my patio. I am not fighting those chores.  Not that I would normally mop my patio.

Olivia waters the lawn with Jackson follows behind her.  He loves water. 

What I find extra precious, Olivia is watering in heels.  Her princess heels.

Josiah decides that my patio needs a wash.  He got a hold of a mop and started to work. 

I had him wear my flip flops. My feet are small.  They almost fit him.  He has nice sandals that don't do well if it gets wet.  

 After a few minutes, they got bored and they switched. 

Happy times were short lived and it was time to go home.  Tomorrow, I will tell what happened that made it a rough night.

Happy Abbie


  1. Oh my gosh! That photo of her "watering" in the heels. TOO CUTE!

  2. I love that she's watering in heels. That's definitely something I would have done. Great pictures! Have a great evenning!

  3. N. Phoenix - So that is where she got the idea from!! hahah


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