Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two Birds with One Stone

We have had quite a few days of 90 degree weather.  My poor garden was very thirsty.  It was a good thing I had three helpers who were very eager to water my foliage.

My grandchildren came over a visit.  First thing that comes out of Olivia's mouth is "can I water your flowers?"  I said "Sure thing."

They took turns leading the way.  Jackson was following them at all times.  All he wanted to do was to stick his hand in the water.

They did a great job.  So great that they were soaked.

Jackson loved everything about it.  He just wanted to play with the water.  Being splashed was the best part.  I love his smile.

Josiah got splashed and preceded to try and take off his shirt.  I was able to get him to be happy with just his shirt unbutton.

I love this picture of Olivia.

She didn't complain of being wet.  Her dilemma was taking turns.  She wanted control of the hose at all times.

Mama (my daughter) came to pick them up and was not to pleased with seeing her kids drenched.  She threw out expletives at me.  Well, she didn't say anything naughty.  But I did read her mind.  I can you know.  I made her after all.  And she was vicious.

She was not happy with having wet kids in the car.  I told her to roll down the window and they would be dry by the time she got home. 

Maybe it was a bad idea.  Seeing that is was hot and Donna Marie is very pregnant and probably wanted the air- conditioner on in the car. 

I helped them get in the car and Josiah took off his shirt.  He hates being wet.  I went back inside and brought out a snack (cookies) for them on the ride home.

They left smiling and mama resigned to her fate and waved at me.  I felt bad for a moment but at least her kids won't be cranky from being hot and my garden got watered. All in all it is was a pretty good day.

But man can my kid cuss!!!

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  1. Your grand kids are too cute! It's grandma's job to drive mama nuts and spoil the kids! :)


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