Thursday, June 2, 2011

Words of wisdom

My grandchildren were over my house.  They were playing so nicely. 

Mister Potato head is still a classic.

Jackson loves to play with a frog that my husband got for his 40th birthday.  If you press the frog's foot, it will sing a Beatles tune "When I'm 64". Jackson is in a musical period.  He loves to dance.

Josiah has heard it so often that he tries to sing the song.  I love it.

In fact, each grandchild has taken to this frog.  It was never meant to be a toy just a souvenir for Bill's milestone.  

Another toy is my son's nerf gun.  He bought a few years ago.
Nerf N-Strike Maverick Dart Blaster Gun

Sean and Denis always love to play against each another.  They played so much that over time they lost all the nerf bullets.

The nerf gun was in the boy's old room and somehow made its way into the grandkids hands.
Olivia had it and was her turn it to try it out.

                       This is her jumping off the little ledge by the fireplace.

As any 3 1/2 year old little girl, she was looking at it very carefully and was wondering why it was not shooting,  Olivia looked at the cylinder.  It can only come out so far.  She went to her pappy to see if he could make it work.  Pappy was examing it and showing her there were no bullets. Olivia decides to look down the barrel of the nerf gun. 

This is were his instincts kick in.  He looked Olivia straight in the eyes and told her to "never look in the end of this and look down the hole".  He said it in words she could understand.   Then he added "never point it anyone else". 

I chuckled.  Bill is teaching her how to handle her first weapon. 

My husband is all about weapon safety, not that we have guns lying around.  He justs want her to know how to handle herself with these "toys".

All I know is, she will never be pointing a nerf gun at herself.

I see what are roles are for the grandkids.  Manners, kindness, and silliness, I will handle.  Bill will be gun safety, self defense and warfare.  We were made for each other!!

 Gun toting Abbie (not)


  1. Your grandkids are precious!!!
    Great post -- love the last pic -- HAHA!
    I am with ya; guns and such are NOT my thing!!!


  2. Thank you, Cyn!! They are my angels. Glad you like the clip art. It made me laugh as well. Because that is so not me.


  3. I love it! Gun safety with a Nerf gun! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love making new friends on the web :)

  4. penguinsandladybugs - Thank you for leaving a comment.

    I feel the same way about making new friends on the web!

  5. Adorable grandchildren! Sweet blog too!
    I'm a new Google Friend Connect follower from the over 40 blog hop. So glad I hopped by!
    Hope you can hop by and visit my blog too!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Nancy, thank you for hopping over. I love the Over 40 blog. It has been a great way to meet people.

    Thank you for the compliment about my grandkids. I think they are adorable too.

    I'll hop over to your blog.

    Have a great weekend!!


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