Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Day

A gorgeous day to take the kids to the park.  It is my last day of helping my daughter.  I wish I could financial keep taking half days at work but bill collectors don't appreciate not being paid on time.  They tend to get testy and like a scorned lover they turn mean and start sending letters and phone calls increase in volume.  I have been around the block and do not want that again.

I took my angels to a park right up the road from their home.  It is lovely.

It has two sections one area for the older kids and another for the 2-5 year range.

The variety of things to fully engage a child was amazing.  Different types of ladders.  Lets just say it has been a couple of decades since I have taken little ones to new park.

The park I have in my neighborhood is the standard I am used to seeing.  Swings, slides, and jungle Jim.

Their park had a sandbox which they loved.

They took off their shoes and went in.   I have a thing about sand boxes.  I looked in it to make sure it was safe.  I didn't see any debris. I tried to hold back my OCD.  The crazy thoughts kept creeping up.  Cat poo, bacteria, disease, trash needles, dead animals.
It was taking all I had to not scoop them up and give them a bath in hand sanitizer.

My Olivia loves her swing.  I pushed her on one for at least 20 minutes.   There was a swing called a Jennswing. I have never seen one. I saw an older child in it.  As I am pushing Olivia, I see Josiah get himself into the Jennswing and strap himself in.   He looks at me with the biggest grin and asks me to push him. 

I get closer to him and I see that this swing has to be for a disabled child.  I thought that was wonderful.  All children, no matter what disability, should enjoy the park.  A child should know what it is like to have the wind blow on your face while you are on the swing.  It is the closet to flying.  I looked around to see if anyone who truly needed this swing was waiting in line for it.  I would have taken Josiah off the swing immediately.  

 I gave Olivia a turn. 
 We were at the park for at least two hours.  On our way to the car, we saw a little insect.

  They didn't see at first.  I had to point it out to them. 

Olivia is always the first to try and get up and personal.  Josiah is a watch and see kind of guy. They were so intrigued by it. I explained why it is called a Praying Mantis and why it is a good bug to have in the park.  They enjoyed seeing it.

A nice way to end a day at the park.

 Lovin' Abbie


  1. Looks like it was a lovely day!

  2. Wow -- that IS a great park & how cool to see a praying mantis. When I was a kid we saw them all the time -- now they seem so rare?

  3. Amy - I had a great day. I was beat at the end of the day. Children take a lot out of you. I tend to forget how much work it is to take care of little ones.

  4. Cyn - I wish I had this kind of park when I was a kid. It is a dream. The praying mantis was cool. I am so glad Josiah didn't go and squish it.

  5. How wonderful to spend a day with your angels! You made me laugh about the sandpit, as my Mama used to worry about sandpits when we were little, she was always very cautious of us playing in them.
    That swing is incredible! I haven't seen anything like that over here, what a great idea.

  6. Julie - I thought the swing was great. The park also had other things but the kids were running amok so I didn't get a good chance to take a picture of them!!!


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