Sunday, June 19, 2011

An All Around Great Guy

In the United States, Dads will be celebrated, remembered, and honored today.

I am celebrating a man who is a dad.  Not just an ordinary man. A man who dedicates his life to his family. The head of the family.  The man who is stronger than all superheroes.

The wisest man in the world. Capable of fixing all pulled off arms of the Ninja Turtles. More creative than MacGuyver, able to make toys and gadgets out of paper towel holders and baskets. Willing to resuscitate a rabbit knowing it was for not but for the sake of his little girl whose heart was breaking.  Willing to be used as a recliner for a sleepy child.  Be the shield to a frightened kid. To religiously watched Little Bear.  Introduced his kids to Doctor Who.

 Read the classics at bed time - Treasure Island, Robinson Caruso, Moby Dick and the Last Mohican's.

He introduced them to camping, fishing, and sports.

He was a labor coach. He held my hand during our childrens birth.

After work, he took care of the kids when I went to work at nights.  
He worked sometimes two jobs with little sleep when times were extremely tough.

Lets me take all the good pillows.

If I can make his weekend, by letting him have full control of the remote.  Let him stay in bed as long as wants.  Make his favorite foods.  It is the least I can do for the man, who changed my life. Who would do anything for me. Who supports me with no questions asks and respects me.

I absolutely adore and treasure him.

It seems so little for a day or a weekend to honor such a man but it is a start.

Happy Fathers day to you, my love!

  Number 1 Fan Abbie

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