Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry and me

Harry Potter has been in my life since 1997.  Captivated by a boy with a scar on his head.   I stood in line at the local borders for my copy with the hundreds who pre-ordered the book.  I would read the book in two days.   I introduced him to my boys. With the next few book in the series, I would read it to them at bedtime.  after awhile.   As the years went by, Sean wanted to read it on his own and Denis didn't care for it anymore.  Sean would read it first and them Bill and I would have a turn.  We loved the series.
The books were so hugely popular they started to make movies of each book.  I have watched every movie and yesterday we saw the movie with the millions of fans -  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two.  The movie was wonderful.  

Melancholy and bittersweet are what I am feeling.   It is an end to an era.  I have seen the actors grow into adults and I have seen my children do the same.  It's like last bit of my children's childhood  is gone. 

I guess everything has to come to an end.  It was nice while it lasted.


  1. I feel exactly the same -- it was something my boys and I bonded over -- and now its coming to an end... sigh!

    I KNOW I will probably bawl like a baby when we go to see the movie... I did at Toy Story 3 because it just reminded me of my boys when they were little.

    But I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE anything Harry Potter related. So much so that we taught Skylar to say *Harry Potter* with a British accent... heh!

  2. Toy story 3 did the same for me. There were a few scenes where it felt my heart was breaking. I personalize this crap too much.

    Especially if it is a series like Harry Potter was one of them.

  3. Cyn - that comment was for you! But you probably knew that since you are the only one that commented!! haha


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