Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend mornings

One of the joys, we had in Ireland was getting poached eggs.  Bill's cousin Annette would cook poached eggs for breakfast. 
I had never had it before and I wasn't going to complain.  One less thing to do and she didn't want me to do anything.  I was surprised  by how delicious it was.  I normally like my eggs runny and over easy.    

On the weekends, I usually make a nice breakfast.  Fried or scrambled eggs with some selection of meat while Bill is watching tv.  One weekend he asked if he could make poached eggs. He was missing Ireland and wanted to have a little reminder. I quickly said "hell yes, I would love it."  I would make the toast and he would do the eggs. 
Myself, Annette, and John

Since we have been back and when Bill is not working on the weekends, we make breakfast together.  I so enjoy my time with Bill and now I have him in the kitchen with me and we are cooking.

I am very glad we went to Ireland and not just because it was gorgeous and we were visiting family but it bought us closer.

Sous chef Abbie


  1. How lovely Abbie! There definitely is something uniting about cooking together... mind you, my hubby and I don't cook together, but still, I do know what you're referring to here.
    And breakfast is such a beautiful meal... so many delicious choices. I'm hungry just thinking about it ;o)

  2. Julie - Bill's my buddy. I think I will keep him for a little while longer. He makes great eggs!!

  3. How much fun you must of had.... I am GREEN with envy.

    Would love to have you stop over and say hello... I love comments!

    I am now following you.

  4. Ooo I am so jealous you got to go to Ireland! Rob's great grandparents were from Ireland and migrated to Canada. I love that I have a real Irish baby to kiss on St Patrick's Day!

  5. So nice!!! I think I am a scrambled egg kind of girl...or well, an omelet is ALWAYS good in my book.

    Thanks for sharing this sweet tidbit! :)

  6. Positively Preppy - I think we are in the newlywed stage of our relationship. Loving everything and trying new things in life.

  7. Amy - And before you know it you will have a couple more Irish babies to kiss on St. Patty's Day :) Slainte!!

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  9. My life with Candida -Thank you very much for stopping by, leaving a comment and being a new follower!!!

    I would love to stop by and see your journey!


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