Monday, July 11, 2011

No Substitutions

I survived another night babysitting my youngest grandchild. Donna Marie and the rest of her family went to the park.  It was in the last afternoon.  She wanted to keep Joaquin out of the heat and humidity.  It was going to be a long night.  He had just fed and was sleeping.

 Joaquin slept for a couple of hours.  When he woke up, he made me earn my keep.  haha
As he was slowly opening his eyes,  I was speaking to him.  The most curious look came over him.  He blinked and scrutinized  me.  This is not my mother I think was his expression.

I got close to his face.  I have often heard that babies need to see things at close range.  It is the same  for me but  I have old eyes.  As I spoke, he gave me smiles. He scanned my face and just smiled. This  made .me laugh.  It lasted for only a few minutes but left a huge mark on my heart.

Joaquin ate, poohed, and burped for the next hour.  The last hour, he was just a fuss bucket.  He wanted to eat, but did want the bottle.  I burped him.  I held him in many positions.  Nothing would appease him.  I started to give him kisses and I sang to him.  He would stop and just look at me.  I think he liked it. Joaquin would look at me while I sang to the tune of Hello Dolly.  But instead of Dolly, I said Hello Mommy.

Donna Marie finally came home. He heard her and  he became still.  Like he was listening and making sure it was her.  I handed her the baby.  The image of him in her arms was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.   He was so content just being in her arms.  Joaquin missed him mama. . 

I was updating her on his evening and they were just looked at each other.  When the spell was broken, Donna Marie told me it was time for his last feeding and he was ready to go to bed.    The light bulb went on in my head. The problem was Joaquin was done with his visit.  He wanted mom.

Can't blame him, nothing beats your own bed and being with your mother.  No one can replace mom that is for sure. 

I have to accept my demotion.  I have a role its just not the primary one anymore.

Second Rate Abbie

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