Thursday, July 14, 2011

Busy Bee

Don't know what bee got in my bonnet but I have been on a roll this week.  I heard on the radio awhile ago about having too many bees in your head.  It made me think that is what I have and I need to do something about it.

I cleaned out my car of mail.  How it got bad in the first place?  I would pick up the mail on the way out and would put it in my car on the passenger seat.  I usually pay everything online so the paperwork is the backup, in case I forget.  The pile had gotten so bad that only I would be able to sit on this side of the car.  Bill joked that it could be a fire hazard to have so much regular and junk mail in one spot. 

Well it is gone!  I have shredded,  filed, and organized the mountain of papers.   I am quite proud of this feat because it was the sheer bulk of material I had to go through.

Second, I have started walking.  Why I would pick the hottest day of the summer? So far I do not know, I again think it is the bees. 
I am walking in the evening with my Lando. 

The sidewalk does not have the sun beating down on it and burning my Lando's toes.  He gets to do his business and I get to exercise with a companion. 

The only problem is squirrels. The terrier in him makes go after these prey. I am afraid he will get run over by a car.
For some reason, there are a ton of squirrels this year running amok and he feels the need to get them all.  

Other than that, he is a perfect walking companion.

Third, I got my crockpot out and cooked  a Cuban dish. It is called ropa vieja.  Translation old clothes.  It doesn't sound appetizing but it is delicious.  It made the house smell wonderful with the peppers, sauce and tender meat cooking all day.  Yum yum!!

I think I have cleared most of the bees in  my head. I still hear some buzzing but it is more manageable. 

Bee-Keeper Abbie


  1. I need to shovel out my van this weekend. I haven't touched it since a recent car trip. It is a sorry site.!

    That Cuban dish look delicious. I my have to try out some old clothes. :)

  2. Grumpy grateful mom - i feel better with the car cleaned out.
    You should try the dish. If you ever need the recipe, let me know I'll give it to you.


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