Friday, July 22, 2011

Jackson and the broom

I was watching Jackson and Joaquin on Saturday.   Joaquin was taking a nap and Jackson helped me with hanging the laundry.  I don't know, if it is helping, when he goes straight to the garden hose to play with the water. 

The hose wasn't turned on.

After I put my clothes on the line, I go inside and I take the broom out to sweep the floor. 

My Jackson must see his mommy with the broom because he knew what to do with it.

He is Abbie's little helper! He will make a good husband some day!!

Boy Doing a Good Deed Helping an Old Woman with Her Groceries clipart Abbie


  1. How adorable -- maybe they can give my 14 & 16 year old sons some lessons... heh-heh!

  2. Sure let them come over but do they know how to speak baby? haha

  3. Very sweet! It's amazing how they pick up all the domestic duties and love to take part in helping with them. My Mr3 went through a phase where he wanted to help with EVERYTHING around the house, he still enjoys helping out, but not quite so much now. Cute pics of Jackson :o)

  4. Julie -thanks! They are so helpful when they are this age but somewhere along the way they lose interest in helping as they age. Bribes may help, I guess :)


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