Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jackson and Lando

Jackson has started to learn how to play fetch with Lando. 

Do you see the arm on the kid?  Do you also see how close Lando is to Jackson?  That is because Jackson throws that far.  He loves to throw things.  I have to be careful with him because things have a way of flying by my head.

This is Lando's favorite ball. 

Lando has managed not to destroy it.  Lando has ruined many toys lately within in an hour of receiving it.  But for some reason, he loves this blue ball. 

Jackson picked up the ball and Lando was very eager to catch it.  He would throw it and Lando would chase it.  He would growl and want Jackson to chase him but the growling deterred him from giving chase. 

Lando being so astute decided he would lay the ball at Jackson's feet.   Jackson would pick it up and throw it.  At times, Lando would catch it in midair. What a dog.!

Sometimes Jackson would grab another ball to entice Lando, if he didn't drop the ball. 

This went on throughout the evening. As I watch this interaction, I begin to realize that this is the start of a beautiful relationship!

Witness Abbie


  1. Awwww how stinkin' cute!!!

  2. awww what a handsome little man! great photo playing fetch :)

  3. Destiny - I didn't think it would come out through the screen. It turned out okay.

    Thanks for being a new follower and for leaving a comment.

    Love your blog!!

  4. Cyn - Thanks, that little guy is something else!

  5. How lovely! I think being comfortable around pets is so important for children. I grew up with dogs and cats and even a turtle! I'd like to do the same for my boys, but we just don't have the space right now.
    Cute photos Abbie :o)

  6. Julie - I always had one animal of some sort in the house when the children were growing up. My grandchildren can experience what it is like to be around Lando.

    Donna Marie doesn't have time or energy to bring a furry member of the family into the mix.


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