Thursday, July 28, 2011

Josiah's First Step

Family day at Josiah's new school.

I can't believe my little angel is going to kindergarten.  

Donna Mare asked me to join her for the festivities.  It is brand new bilingual charter school.  The first for this state.  It was hot in the hall of the school due to all the people and this ridiculous  heatwave.
We stood in line for him to get his passport and his school list.


Josiah got his picture taken and he had to get his passport stamp with each place he visited in the school. 


He met his first teacher .  I cant tell you her name but she was very nice. 

He had to go to the library the nurse the technology room music room.  Getting his stamp along the way.

At the end of the tour, we went to the gym and they got some pizza and water ice.  They played and even got their faces painted. 

What a great school!  I am so excited for him and my daughter entering a new phase life.  Olivia was just as excited.  People have commented, if they are twins.  They are so close to each other. 

Josiah will start writing.  When did that happen?  When my kids were entering school all they needed were folders, crayons, and scissors.  Now they need composition books, pencils, and etc.  I don't know I think it is too much for kindergarten.  Aren't they just to learn the rules and structure of a school environment? 

Who am I am just a grandparent. Times have changed.  My grandson is more than ready.  Maybe its me that is not ready to see him become a school aged child.  Josiah is after all my first little angel.

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  1. Your grandson is so handsome. That's such an exciting time. My daughter starts kindergarten in a couple week. She's so shy--I hope she speaks. :)

  2. It's school time already? I love the passport idea...

  3. Grumpy - Thank you he's my heart. The shy ones tend to come out of their shell quicker than you think.
    Good luck with the first day!! and try to hold back the tears so she doesn't see you :)

  4. Jules - He starts on 8/29. This was just for them to get acquainted.

    I loved the passport idea it made the kids to interact more with the teachers.

  5. As always your grandbabies are just adorable!

    School is SO different now -- even when Hunter (now almost 17) went to kindergarten I couldn't get over the expectations and nightly homework. I can only imagine what it's like now!

    The school sounds amazing!!!

  6. How awesome, looks like a wonderful school, where Josiah will be very happy. I agree Abbie, alot is expected of young children these days. My friend was complaining to me today of all the home work her daughter has to complete each night. Homework? For a 6 year old?? Oh dear, please let them be children!

  7. It's amazing to me what kids do at young ages now. Kindergarten used to be more about just learning to follow rules, be around other kids, etc. Now it's serious business!

    Looks like a wonderful school!

  8. Cyn - thanks <3

    I'll let you know what will be expected of Josiah. I am very curious myself.

  9. Julie - I have a lot of hopes for that school. I would love it to be a very him.

    Though I think at this age it is asking a lot for homework.

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  11. Blueviolet first - I love the name
    Second -I totally agree. When did kindergarten become serios business?!?
    Third -Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  12. Oh my goodness, they grow so quickly.l I love the passport idea . So sweet. He has many wonderful adventures ahead. Hugs!

  13. Katherine - time is flying my little angel is turning 5 on Monday!!


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