Thursday, July 21, 2011

Twitter Wars

My husband Bill loves technology.   He is on facebook and twitter and loves it on his phone.  He has a small following and follows his friends and family.  Twitter is something I am slowly getting into it.  I sometimes have a hard time of coming up with things to write on my blog.   I couldn't think of what to write on twitter.  I don't think twitter people  would want to hear what I may tweet . 

That is not to say I don't follow.   I love to follow and see what other people are thinking.  People come up with funny creative things.  Bill and my son Sean are on it and what they say make me laugh and makes me think.  What would I say?   Nothing like them, I think I would be boring to follow. 

But I digress, Bill has been on twitter for a while and has reached a milestone.  He is up to 1200 tweets.  I think an impressive amount.  My son had about 200 when he declared that he would keep twitting until he reached his dad.  Well, my phone has been going off all day.  I get notified on my phone when he tweets. 

I have been using twitter to respond to him and now I am up to 180 tweets.  I know it is lame but I was down to 80 when this all started.

Whatever possesed Sean to do this, I am exptrememly grateful.  I have heard wonderful moments in my son's life with my granddaugher and his time with his girlfriend.

I miss him and this way Sean doesnt seem so far away.  In a way, I hope he never reaches him because when he does the tweets will stop and I will lose the closeness I have with him.

 Hopelessly Devoted Abbie


  1. I haven't gotten into Twitter yet. But if your tweets are anything like your blog posts, I'm sure your tweets will be great too.

  2. LDS- Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for the compliment :)


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