Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Next Level

I bought this photo printer. 

I have about 4 memory cards filled with pictures but I haven't printed any of them.  I opened the box and read the directions.

Isn't it nice? I can read them in three languages of my choice.  NOT!  I wish I knew French.  It is a beautiful language.  I took it in high school, but that was for conversation and not for instruction manuals.

It took me a couple of tries and wouldn't you know the sample film cartridge gives you enough for 5 pictures. That is not right. Good thing I got it right by the 4th picture.

My son is planning to visit at the end of next month and I wanted to add some pictures to his room. I also printed some pictures that I have been meaning to display. I love it. I can take the pictures and print them out right away. I know this technology has been out but I am just getting into this technology. I have always taken my memory card and before that film to get it developed at the local Walgreen. This is so much better.

The only thing I need to get is an adapter for my card to fit the machine. I am currently attaching the camera to the devise. The con is that I can't adjust my picture on the machine. I like the ability to crop, take the red eye out, and center the picture. You can do that on the computer. I have to add the software.

A lot of opportunities are coming up for photos and I am so looking forward to put this machine to work!! 

 All Set Abbie 


  1. Hi Abbie,
    Stopping over from Tawna's blog.

    Whenk it comes to technology.... any kind... I am a lost ball in high weeds. I learn from people like you. thanks!!

  2. Hi, Thanks for stopping by again! If I helped any, that is a true compliment. Hell, I am just learning myself.

    I have gone to other blogs and have learned so much myself.

    I also like reading Tawna's blog!

  3. Congrats on your new printer. I love taking photographs!! Wish I had a better camera!!!

  4. Deb- Thanks! I think I may get a new one by xmas. A gift to myself. That is if I have any money left after the grandkids. lol


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