Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Being a girl

Sounds simple and yet complex for someone like me.  I was a tomboy for as long as I could remember.   My mom hated that I was a tomboy.  She would try to dress me up and all I cared about was playing with the kids and dirt. Messy Child Playing in Mud Clip Art clipart

The only way to entice me to buy a dress was to bribe me with shoes.  I loved shoes.   I think that was the only girly thing I had going for me. I rough housed  with boys and I was in a lot of fights.   Makeup came into play in my teenage years but only because I wanted to do want other girls were doing. I grew into my own style but not to the extent that most girls do. 

I would apply makeup and when it wore off it wore off.  No reapply for me. As I got older, raising a family, working and doing mom stuff were not conducive to my looking my best.  It would take a beating sometimes. 

Now that I do not have to fret with mommy duties on a regular basis,  I can turn my attention to someone who has been neglected.  That someone is me.

I love shoe shopping.  That is something that has never left me but I didn't buy when the kids were young.  All my money went to the kids.  I spent most of my life in flats and sneakers.  I love heels.  No less than three inches. 

I can buy without guilt.

I buy makeup but it is required.  Girl is a little ragged around the edges.  I tease Bill that I need time to sand, spackle, prime, and seal before I go out. 

Purses.  I love purses.  I love the textures, styles, and colors.

My daughter laughs and said I have grown a lot this year.  My girl is a girly girl.  She loves doing all things that girls normally do.  Where did she come from?

Donna Marie and I normally have a lunch date once a month.  I asked her if she would like to go with me and get my nails done.  I want nails nice long nails.  I think I heard her mouth hit the floor. 
She is so excited.  So am I.

We are going in a couple of weeks.  I enjoy being a girl.

Can a grandma feel like a girl? 

 Beauty Queen Abbie


  1. How lovely that you are revisiting your inner girl Abbie, and most definitely a grandma can feel like a girl! It's all from within... and if you're truly feeling it, it will show on the outside. It's so nice you get to share the girly moments with your daughter.
    I think I have always been part girly girl, part tomboy, as I do love being a bit of both. Growing up with 6 brothers taught me how NOT to be prissy, but it also showed me that I was different to them and to embrace being a girl. Enjoy those shoes, bags and makeovers :o) xo

  2. I think its AWESOME that you are delving (nails first) into your more girlie side -- my Mom and I STILL get our nails done together!

    And shoes -- well I, like you, have had a love affair with shoes for as long as I can remember. The higher the heel the better!

    I am sorta missing the purse gene -- i love them of course, but definitely not obsessed. I will use a purse until it falls apart (literally) sometimes... odd!

    enjoy the pampering -- WE ALL NEED IT!!!


  3. Cyn - Will do. I will post pictures if my nails aren't horrible!

  4. Julie - I can only imagine with 6 brothers how tough but how protected you were!!

  5. I swing between being a girly girl and a tomboy. I think I'm actually somewhere in the middle. Having 3 brothers I had to be dressed and out the door super quick or else I'd be left behind, so grooming has always been a speed sport for me.

    One day, like you, when I get some more time for me I might enjoy it a little more. x

  6. Corinne - you have plenty of time. It took me until my forties to get my girl on!!


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