Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We live on a street that to ends to a field.  From this view, you can see fireworks without having to drive to, fight traffic, and fight the crowds for a spot.

The fireworks usually are around nine and for the past few years I couldn't tell what night the celebration would take place.  It was a hit or miss for us.  I think I now know when they go off and next year I will be prepared. I would like to have a couple of chairs, bug spray, and some drinks this way we can enjoy the evening in proper fashion.

I ran to the window, when I heard that familiar noise.  Sure enough, they were going off.  I yelled to my husband and  he went outside.  it is dusk, so I grab the mosquito spray.  They will be out in full force at this time of night. I do not want to be eaten alive while watching the pyrotechnics. 

I have been taking pictures for awhile and yet I forgot to bring out the camera.  When I do remember it, I am tickled that my camera has a feature for fireworks.  I tried it out . 
As I am using it, I see there are a few problems.  One being a delay from one picture taking to the next. It would process the picture after 10 seconds. Meaning I would have to wait to take the next one.  This stinks because with fireworks it is all about timing.

Second - It is hard to see in the dark. I am trying to time it right and with the dark sky it is hard to aim properly because the screen is black.

Third -  The trees have grown so much there is only a small area to get a  view.  About five years ago, the sky was wide open and the view was spectacular.  Now it is only a portion that we are able to see the colorful display.

Finally, the most important one is that the pictures are not what I expected.  I am very inexperienced photographer so that may be the dilemma.  I take pictures but does that make me a photographer.  I should use amateur because that is what I am.  I am in no one's league to be a photographer.  These pictures look like someone like me took them. 

Its a start.  I have to practice a hell of a lot before I decide to plunk down serious cash for a better model of camera.  I do hope to take one of those classes that help people with an interest in photography and get the full use of what the model I have can do.

The fireworks were beautiful.  They added a few new ones this year.  Lando was with us.  The noise did not scare him at all.  We can hear them go off from our home. In fact what interested him were the flying insects.  Bugs were out but I did not get bit.  Let's hear it for OFF Spray!!

Bill and I had enjoyed our evening as a couple.  One of many to come for us I hope. 

 Amateur Abbie

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