Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Time

Today I treated my daughter to pamper day.  Funny word pamper.  When I first used that word about her, I was changing her pampers.  Now I am pamperng her in another way,  Donna Marie is going back to work on Monday.  Six weeks go by so fast. 

Back when my daughter was single, she would go get her nails and toes done a regular basis.  She has the most beautiful hands.  I think she could be an hand model.  Rings and bracelets look great on her.  She would do all sorts of colors.  Experimenting with different designs.  Donna Marie is the epitome of a girly girl.

When she got married and started having kids, the visits were less and less.  She even started doing  it herself.  She would make little designs on her nails.  I wanted to spoil her a little. 

I called her one day and said if she would like to go with me to the nail salon. I wanted to get my nails done.   I could have knocked her over with a feather.  I was going for the full set and i wanted to share this experience with my daughter. She was tickled pink.  I have never had my nails done professionally.  I would put nail polish on, if they were of decent looking.  This was the extent of a beauty regiment.  

It was the first time I did something like this with Donna Marie and I loved it.  We chit chatted.  I asked for her opinion about what I should do next.  The nail person was asking me questions and since I didn't know I asked my girl.  She was so knowledgeable.  I loved it.   

My daughter was getting her pedicure and enjoying every minute.  She sat in a massage chair reading a magazine and being treated like a queen.  Its good to be the queen!!

I showed her the final product and I think it looks good.  My hands are no were near  like hers but I felt pretty.   Donna Marie was pleased and felt happy about her results as well.

It feels a little weird and typing is cumbersome.  The price of beauty!  haha

I wonder what my next girly thing I should do next? Any suggestions?

Rookie Abbie


  1. I love that you and your daughter had girls day. I think every woman needs to feel like a queen sometimes. What perfectly fun day!

  2. I don't get my nails done at the salon often, but when I do I always love it. Glad you had a wonderful time! :)

  3. I love doing my own nails. I always get tons of compliments when I do but I really am not all that great at it. But I love when I am pregnant and my nails are just so long.

    Why not try getting a new hair cut? Something you've never done before?

  4. How wonderful to share this together! I have had a manicure, but never a pedicure.

  5. Grumpy Grateful Mom - Thank you I did have a great day with her!

  6. Postively Pink - It was .my first time going to the nail salon. I plan to keep that in my routine. Like the commercial - "because I am worth it" lol

  7. Amy - I was thinking of getting my haircut. Sounds like a plan.

  8. JDaniels4's mom - I also haven't had a pedicure. Not ready for that yet.

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  9. Oh that sounds lovely Abbie. It's so nice doing 'girly girl' things with your Mama... I always love outings with mine :o)
    It's a special feeling being pampered like that and is something not enough of us do, often enough!
    Shopping sprees are wonderful girly girl things to do... just bring the credit cards with you ;o) xo


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