Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Zoe Ellicette

Lady Zoe - Born February 4, 2010 in Colorado Springs, CO to Sean.   Wasn't there when she was born but was able to see pictures taken of that day on the internet. 

Zoe is big and round and most of all beautiful.  She is a good combination of her parents.  She has a temper.  Don't know where she got that from but I think from her grandfather :)

Sean has told stories that  when he ignores her too long she flings things at him.  lol  She also like to throw everything out of her crib including her diaper if she is in there a little too long.

She has been walking everywhere.  Bill and I have visited her a few times and on the last time we had to re-introduce ourselves.  We missed her  so much that Pappy grabbed her with love and she cried.  Didn't last long, he wooed her and they became the best of friends. 

It took everything I had to not grab her and kiss her to pieces.  While she was getting acquainted with Pappy, I would get closer and closer to her.  Every time she looked at me I would turn my head.  When she would look away, I would touch her hair, head,  and arm whatever I could. 

When I was finally able to hold her I kissed and hugged the crap out of her.  lol  No tears!!!  Go Abbie :)

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