Wednesday, March 16, 2011

stickers please

Just received a phone call from DM.  She was telling me about her ordeal with Josiah.  They had just come back from the dentist.  Josiah had gone to the dentist before and was open to all that comes with a visit.

Unfortunately for them, he decided on this visit that he didn't want to open his mouth.  lol  My angel can not be bribed.  Once he sets his mind to something  no one can change his mind. Has been that way since I can remember in his life  Have no idea where he gets that from.  I personally blame his mom.

After much appealing, the assistant goes to DM and says time is up you will need to reschedule.  DM is upset that not only they didn't get to look inside his mouth but now she has to shell out another co-pay for another visit.

As they walk out of the dentist office,  Josiah sees the container with treats for the kids and asks his mom "May I have stickers, please". 

Well, let me tell you that did not go over well. lol  Love that first angel of mine :)

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