Friday, March 11, 2011

Angels of all sizes

I have three children.  They don't live at home but they are still my angels.
I have a daughter - Donna Marie . I have a two sons - Sean and Denis .

They have brought much joy and much heartache to my life.    If I could have put them in a plastic bubble, I would have done it in a heartbeat. lol

There is a movie called Bubble boy.  When at the end it was discovered that he was in the bubble as mom's way of protecting her son,  I applauded.  My kids were shocked and appalled.  Love that movie only saw it once.  It was enough for me.

Love them and always want the best for them.  Protect them for the cold cruel world out there.  They know I love them and have there backs in any situation.  I may have pushed hard sometimes unrelenting but was always with the intention of getting them prepared for what was out there if they were not ready.

It sucks to be a parent of an adult child. Hard to let go that I can't control the situation and solve their problems for them.   I have been there in many of the circumstances.  I don't know if they learned to do things the hard way from me. It sure looks like it.  They had to make their own way and forge their own road.

I guess they wanted to be forged in baptism by fire, blood, sweat, and tears.  I was their role model after all.  Though it has made them very strong and capable of standing harsh conditions. They can also appreciated and treasure things in life other people would take for granted.

I have not been in this journey alone.  I have an amazing partner, best friend and awesome man anyone can imagine.   I could have done it alone.  But Lord knows what that would have turned me into. 

One of those women, who have faces that look the world kicked the living shit out of with deep lines across forehead, permanent frowning mouth and eyes sunken. 

Was always taught to be strong.  Independent. Persistent or as my better half says stubborn :) He is my sounding board, my rock, and always by my side.   In another cliche, he was the tether to my kite.  No matter what direction I took, he came along for the ride.

He supported all my decisions whether he agreed or not.   Never thought that type of dedication was real or that I deserved that.   A true partner, which I am so honored to have, share my life.  Strong, silent, and loving.  On top of all his wonderful qualities, he is also extremely handsome :) That is a bonus.  Jackpot. Bingo. Winner!!

I see that my son is becoming a father like his dad.  That pleases me to no end.  His dad is a dad that everyone should have.  Sean says he did get something from me and that is the amount of love he gives his daughter Zoe.  He calls it overbearing  but whats wrong with giving oodles and oodles of kisses and hugs.

While I have my little angels, I think God sent me a Guardian Angel.  And his name is Bill.

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