Thursday, March 10, 2011

Forgotten Angel

I was thinking about  what to write next and I remembered I have another angel to add.  His name is Lando.  He came into my life unexpectedly.  It was not love at first sight.

He was living in Colorado. He was my son Sean's dog.  A little miniature schnauzer. A little black and white ball of fur.  Kept wanting to bite the crap out of Bill when we first visited the kids.

Lando was so full of energy.  He terrorized the apartment, they lived in and ate everything.  So glad, when we went back to our hotel room that he wasn't ours.

As the days went by, we were all talking and Sean had brought up the fact that he had to get rid of the dog. They were going to have a baby and he was uncontrollable.  He had asked Steph's mom to take him.  I said "aww, well she'll take good care of him". 

But the more I heard, the less I liked.  He was going to be shipped to Chicago in a crate and she was running a day care.  How was she going to possibly take good care of him and get the attention he so desperately needed. 

I asked Bill what did he think.  Knowing full well, where I was going with this.  In the end, we drove back to Delaware with an extra passenger.  Life has never been the same!

 Silly Abbie

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