Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jackson Daniel

Action Jackson born on January 30, 2010.  He came out so fast.  He is so goodnatured. Smiles, curious and loves his big brother. Jackson has the softest curly hair.

Jackson always follows where Josiah goes.   Plays what Josiah plays and ticks him off with delight.  Jackson is still fast and very strong.  Smart! 

All of Donna Marie's kids are smart.  Good thing:)  I want them all    to keep Donna Marie and Brandon on their toes.  lol  I will have a front row seat for that :)

Jackson has such big hands and he loves his Pappy. He looks for him when I take him to my "casa".  As soon as he sees him up does his arms go so Pappy can pick him up. 

When he sees me, the smile on his face brighten my day.  When his mom comes to pick them up, he races to see her to get his love.  

I sometimes call him my chocolatito. (piece of chocolate) lol  I got that name from one of my spanish soap operas.  My parents call him pollito. ( Little chicken)

When Jackson met his great grandfather Daniel Figueroa he took to him like duck to water.  My father was so surprised but instantly tickled.  He rarely holds babies but with Jackson he would have held him forever if he could.

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