Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Olivia Cristina

Miss Olivia Born on November 28, 2007.  She was huge when she was born.  She is sassy, smart, girly, tough, and extremely lovable.  She likes to put makeup on.

She just brushed my hair the other day.  If I wasnt afraid she would rip all my hair out, I would have let her keep brushing for hours. 

She loves to dance.  Knows lots of songs and loves to take care of her little brother  Jackson.  She has the softest curls and loves to make them bounce. 

She has her mothers love of shoes. Has Pappy wrapped around her little finger and she knows that!  Miss Olivia likes to go thru her mom's pockets.  She knows her mom has pockets full of goodies like lip gloss, chapstick, and/or candy. lol

Can't wait to take her shopping when she gets older. I look forward to when I take her out for lunch or dinner and just hang out with her.  Miss Olivia reminds me of her mom, my baby girl, Donna Marie :)

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