Monday, March 21, 2011

This is different..

We had an annual St Patrick's party this past Saturday. This is our second one with Lando.  Was a little worried about him.  Lando does not do well with other people, he greeted a couple of people with his usual greeting.  (barking quite loudly)

As more people arrived, he settled down especially when he realized all these people were going to eat.

Bless my mother-in-law, she was the first person to treat him with a meaty treat.  He loved that!

Lando followed her around until he saw that her plate was empty.  Lando went on to the next treat, I mean next person.  He let them pet him with the hope of getting a savory treat.  He kept scanning the place looking to see who was eating.  Then he would stand underneath them and wait for any droppings or freely given treats. 

Lando really loves to be around my grandchildren.  If they eat, he eats too.   He also loves it that they are closer to his eye level.  He can catch the food as it falls to the ground.

My grandchildren seemed to have a good time.  Josiah and Olivia notice everything when it is out of place.  Since it was a party at Abbie and Pappy's place, they were overwhelmed.  They noticed all the food, candy and decorations.  They especially enjoyed the decorations.

The reason I say this is because Josiah's head was full of glitter.  lol  I have little Irish hats that I put out for St Patricks.  It is covered in green glitter and Josiah loves to put the hats on his head.

I hardly saw them this evening, they were too busy eating, playing, and exploring the house. The only one that stayed close by was Jackson.  He came to me and didn't mind at all being picked up and being smothered with kisses.  You can't tell by this picture but he does love it.

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