Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Umm... meatballs

Was watching my grandkids last night.  Normally, I see them on Wednesday nights so I went home quickly after work and started on some spagetti and meatballs.  Quick and easy.  Josiah has always loved it and it is filling. I wanted it ready for them when they were dropped off by their mom.

Josiah went straight for the meatballs. Once all the meatballs were gone, he was done. Olivia ate half and Jackson ate all of it.  I gave him some baby food strawberry and banana to finish his dinner.

About half an hour later, Olivia said she was hungry.  I told her to wait a little bit.  I preceded to feed Olivia and Jackson started to come around.  I fed both.  Then about an hour later Josiah says "I'M hungry".  So out comes the spagetti and meatball for the third time. 

Now all three come around me and I feed them like baby birds.  I give Jackson just a little bit at a time I don't want him to pop like a tick.  Nice visual huh :) I have to ration out the meatballs because they all want it. Ran out of meatballs anyway.   Had to fill them up with  pasta.

Mom comes in to pick up my angels and I see Olivia sneak into the bowl to find the last meatball at the bottom of the sauce bowl. Donna Marie was amazed that they were still eating. Mommy says they could eat meatballs all day long especially Josiah.

Reminds me when it was Jackson's birthday and I make meatballs for the party.  I made a plate for myself and who comes next to me but Josiah.  He asks me if he can have some and I say" sure Abbie likes to share". For some weird reason, I like to speak like Elmo in the third person.  Well if you call sharing by giving your whole plate. lol 

The thing about this was when asked about the party the thing he remembers is that I fed him meatballs. Not the family, the playing with cousins, and the new toys just me feeding him meatballs.

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