Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Turning the page

Welcome to a new world.  I have been thinking about doing this for so long so much so I was looking at what type of book and paper to release my words on hard copy.

Writing in a journal, not necessarily a blog. Things have been happening and I am getting older and want to be able to recollect at a much later time like say in the twilight of my years.  I would like to look over my life with a hope of remembering my life if I have lost my marbles.  So many moments have been lost. But I didn't turn to a blog until my man started talking about him writing a book.

He wrote a book that he has installed in his phone.  I was so impressed.  I love to look at the internet at work while i "work".   So I decided to look into it and I saw that starting a blog was not hard at all and free.  Woo hoo! color me happy.

I relayed this info to my husband and he was tickled for me and asked me how I started.  He now writes with relish on his own blog.  He had been using another source for his musings and for some unknown reason they kept getting deleted.  How thoroughly frustrating for him.

I have seen a change in him of pure delight.  Bill is a very creative person.  He used to draw a lot when he was much younger and was one of the things he gave up as our family grew. To have this outlet and to share it  has been a blessing.

He writes to release his inner self.  Finding a voice that has long been silent.  And what a beautiful voice it is.  To say the man has changed is an understatement.  I have gained a new respect for him.  In a book of our life, I can't wait to turn the page to see where it will take him and us next.

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