Monday, March 14, 2011

Two Forces of Nature

Two people who couldn't be more different somehow got together and made me.  They are still a couple after 46 years.  I try to speak with them at least once a week.  Usually on Mondays around 11am.  I know my dad is up by then.  My mom is usually up around 5am.  Sometimes earlier, washing those damn dishes.

I say this because we always lived in a tiny place so you hear everything. Now that they live in a spacious place when I come for a visit, the pull out is right next to the kitchen and you hear the banging of the pots and pans.  My mom loves to put the faucet on full blast.  lol 

They are characters.  They are like watching a sitcom.  Everytime I visit them or have a phone conversation they always make me laugh.  He can push my mom's buttons to set her off and the comedy ensues.  We always have a great show.

I have learned a lot from them whether it was good or bad.  I think I could say I am a very good blend of both of them.  I get my "charming" personality from my dad.  My quick temper and joy of life from him.  His stubborness and his need to read and know everything.  Question question question!!! 

My mom - I got her depth to love, to protect her child at all cost and to cut people out of my life without hesitiation.  The ability to hold a grudge.  Making the latter easy to do :(

In the twilight of my parents' years,  they have mellowed and now have a more tranquil existence.  They go out to manhatten and eat out lots more. No more rushing out the door to go to work.  The worries have subsided. Its couple time.With everything they have been through, they deserve this time. It warms my heart that they have come thru the drama and are still standing together.

 They still have affection for one another.  They hold hands a sight I would rarely see, when I was younger.    I am still getting used to it.  They came from a time where affection was limited to children.  Its nice to know they feel comfortable now a days. 

I, on the other hand, have always been affectionate with Bill.  I wanted the kids to see affection was not limited to the kids.  That I love their father just as much as I loved them.  My kids still tease me when I dare give a kiss to their dad.  I, of course, start being silly to make the situation worse without really trying.  lol

Love them all very much <3

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