Friday, March 25, 2011

Monsters in the Shed

The time is coming, when we have to get these monsters out of the shed.

 We got these last year. 

I had been working out almost everyday last year. I would work out with Gilad all the time.  He was like a drill seargant. He was on Fit Channel three times a day. I would try to work out at least twice a day. Apparently, that is what I needed.

I was starting to look pretty good.  Everything was starting to go in their proper place and my hiney was starting to perk up. 

So, my Bill decided to get me a bike.  I was open to it.  I could handle it and we were biking every chance we got.  My bottom half was benefitting from this exercise.  The bonus was Bill and I got to spend more quality time together.  I looked forward to this.  I think he did too.

Unfortunately, time moves forward and winter came and the bikes had to hibernate.   The Fit Channel decided to change its format and I lost Gilad.  I stopped exercising.  Holidays came and went.        Everything I worked for went south. 

I am now looking at Spring and dreading when my Bill will take those monsters out and ask me to go biking.  I am so far from that point of just getting on that bike and go.

You see he has kept up with his program.  The handsome, strong, and virile man is still an Adonis.  So he doesn't have any trepidation about biking at all. 

While I, on the other hand, will have to start all over again.  From square one! uggh :(   The good thing is when I look at him, it is all worth the sweat and pain. 

I just have to take the first step. Until that time comes, I 'll just keep looking at him.
I'll start my workout regimen tomorrow :)

Procrastinating Abbie

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