Thursday, March 24, 2011


I pick up my grandchildren every Wednesday at my son-in-law's work place.  On this particular day, I see Miss Olivia come running to me with a pair of boots on her dainty feet.  She is so excited to have me see her new boots. 

Of course, I make a fuss.This pleases her to no end.  They are too cute but the smile on her face is gorgeous.  It makes my heart sing.  

She tells me in the van that she has another pair of boots and two more new shoes.  This girl is only three and she is starting to have more shoes than me.

My little angel is sporting some fierce heels.  I didn't have heels, when I was her age.  I had to take pictures of them.  As usual, she had to model for me.  The girl loves to get her picture taken. :)

I am going to love going shoe shopping with her!  :)


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