Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Horizon

I haven't blogged in a few weeks due to the fact I was in IRELAND!!!  It is the first time in my adult life I was in another country.   

I was going to take it one day at a time and let it just flow.  I was on vacation with my husband and it was the first time that we were alone on vacation. We had no children and grandchildren with us.  A totally novel approach to visit a country as a couple. 

I was so excited and willing to try everything.  I wanted to embrace what came my way. I wanted to learn and see all the things that Ireland had to offer.

We arrived at the airport at 6PM and had the smoothest check in. 
I was tickled to death when the man at the airport stamped my passport. We took a late flight and arrived in Ireland at 8:15 AM.  We lost some hours and our internal clock said 3:15am. 

We were going to stay with a lovely couple, Annette and John and their children.

Annette is a second cousin of Bill.  We had talked with them on Skype a few times prior to us leaving for Ireland. That was a good ice breaker.  I think it would have been a different experience,  if we hadn't "met" before on Skype.

We hit the ground running.  We went to eat at Bewley's.

Bill and I enjoyed a traditional Irish breakfast.    It had an egg, toast, bangers(sausage), rashers (bacon), and black and white pudding.  It also had a flat potato cake.  After some nourishment, we hit the streets of Dublin. 

A man sculpted this out of sand on Grafton Street

I caught a leprechaun and his gold but I had to give him money instead of getting it. Go figure!  I have another question, when did leprechauns get so big?

Molly Malone

Trinity College

Horse carriages

St Stephen's Mall
I thought the mall was so pretty. 

 Do you see the blue skies?  It was absolutely gorgeous when we were in Ireland. It would be blue skies for two whole weeks.  What a way to start a vacation!!  

International traveler Abbie   Clip Art: Clover 07 Color 1

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