Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have a problem.  I know I do.  I am in the land of history, gorgeous views and people who are absolutely friendly and wonderful. Yet, I become twitter pated over some inanimate object. 
After an outing with Patrick and Mary, we came back to the house to have lunch.What caught my eye and became my obsession was what was on the table. 

I was enjoying a delicious sandwich with tea that Mary had prepared for us. We had a lively conversations.  I met their gorgeous daughters.

And yet,  I could not stop looking at this salt and pepper containers.   I made the family laugh by how much I loved their salt and pepper shakers. Mary told me she received them as a gift from her daughter during one of her travels. I told them before I left for the day, I was going to take a picture of them.

I did and then I did this.

I especially like the eye on the on the white one.  Patrick told me he plugged up the eye because too much salt was coming out. 

Do they not look like they are dancing?

One more pose.


Once I came back to my senses, I kissed and hugged everyone goodbye. I thanked them for a wonderful time.  I made everyone laugh with my silliness.   

Including this man.

I broke through his shyness.  His laugh was quiet and serene.  I made him smile.  I made him like me. 

As I am leaving the house, I spot this.

I love gnomes.  They were at the door.

Then I lost any headway I made with Patrick and his family.  They couldn't wait until the nutty American left their home.  Bill couldn't usher me out fast enough.  

Like I said before,  I have problems.  But common on, aren't they cute?


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