Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Walk on the Beach

Aileen took Bill, her son David, and myself for a walk on the beach. It was spectacular day for stroll.  The area is call Five Fingers Strand.

On the way to the beach is a church. This is a church with a cemetery.   Many in Bill's family in Ireland were married here and some are buried here including his great- great- grandfather Thomas.

Across from the church, the views were amazing.

We saw many sheep along the way.

Aileen led the way to our destination.

The beach is ahead. 

Lovely family

I couldn't stop turning all around.  The beauty was breathtaking.  Unfortunately, my camera does not do this place justice.

A natural formation

Rock skipping

Bill's turn.  He had so much fun.  Bill hadn't done this in years.

Rocks made smooth by the tides.  The big rock in the middle caught my eye.  I love the coloration.

The beach looped around and we were able to see a different view while we headed back to our car.
Magnificent scenery.  Picturesque is all I can say.  I was your typical tourist with a camera attached to my face.  

I am in awe that my husband's family came from this area. The place where his family originated. I can only imagine what he was feeling. 

Ireland took my breath away.  All I wanted to do was sit and enjoy the view.  But there was too much to do and places to see.  For one day, I was in paradise. It was very good to know I would have many more days like this to experience.

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