Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another challenge conquered!

I went into Northern Ireland for this next adventure.  I went to see the Giant Causeway with Bill's relatives, Patrick and Mary.

They are the sweetest people I have met so far. They are quiet, calm, and serene.  Everything, that I am not.  Yet, we still got along.

Mary is so cute.  I caught her taking a picture of me. I told her to hand over the camera and proceded to throw it over the mountain.

Patrick is very shy.  Or it could be just me, I am rather bold.  It was my duty to make this man crack up before the end of our visit.   

I have heard the Giant Causeway is beautiful and it is no lie.  What I didn't know was how we were going to reach it.
Now I can use stairs with no problem but it was the vertigo that gave me cause to quake. I didn't realize how narrow the path was until I started.

The amount of stairs was not the problem.

When the sign tells you it will be steep, believe it.

I looked out to see where we were headed. I immediately told myself to get a  grip and by grip hold on to the rail as tight as possible. I had told Bill I would be taking pictures and to go on, while  I fell behind.  I didn't want to tell him how petrified I really was and ruin the trip for him.

I thought for a moment to head back.  Whew.  A little dizzy. I turned to face my fellow walkers. I could do this.  People do this all the time.

I am not liking the narrow paths. There is just room for just me.  What if people are coming in the other direction to go back? It only has room for me.

Finally! I survived.  It was a long way down.

But it was so worth it to get here.

The pictures do not do it justice.  I could stay there all day. It was so beautiful .  It is remarkable how nature works.  The stones with its octagonal design. A great place to visit. 

Thank God for Patrick.  When it was time to go home.  He told us of another way to go to the car without having to go up the stairs.  We didn't even have to take a vote. We went up a paved road. It inclined but I didn't have the fear of falling to my death

Scaredy Cat Abbie

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