Friday, May 20, 2011

He Loves Me

This is Our Lady of Knock Basilica.  Pope John Paul  II delivered a mass here and Mother Theresa visited the Shrine.

This is the link to the history and why it is very spiritual to the people of Ireland.

This is the chapel where the Shrine is held.

This rose was a gift from Pope John Paul II.

This was a gift from Bill.

Bill surprised me with a marriage renewal.  He planned this with John in secret.  I had no clue.  The church has a daily mass at 7PM and when we arrived it was 4PM.  I didn't think twice why we were there so early.  I was so entralled with seeing the shrine.

We all walked in and for what I thought to get a closer look at the Shrine and take pictures.  Little did I know that there was more to come.

Bill and John were able to arrange a special mass for our marriage renewal.  There was a condition for this to occur.  I had to be told about it.  So as I walk in and start to look around I am guided to sit down and Bill whispers that we are getting our marriage blessed. 

I look at him stunned and then the tears start to fill up my eyes.  I had bugged him about getting married again.  I had explained that it was a sign that our anniversary would fall during our trip to Ireland.  It was meant to be. He had always said no.  

Now, here it was going to happen. 

The priest came over and introduced himself to us.  I was trembling and in shock.  He started the service.  The priest asked us to go to the altar.  We reaffirmed our vows. I was trying to hold back the tears that welled up in my eyes.

Many people were already there at the church and when we were announced again as husband and wife,  the congregation applauded.

It was a beautiful ceremony. 

People who were sitting in the church came up to us and congratulated us.  Total strangers wished us well. I was so honored by their well wishes. I couldn't stop smiling.

Here are the conspirators.  The best bunch of people I know.  They helped make it all happen.  I will always be grateful for that.  We went to Annette's house to have a sumptuous dinner.   My head was still spinning from everything that happened when I went to bed.  What a extraordinary day!

I am truly blessed and deeply touched by the way Bill declared his love for me. Happy 24th Anniversary, my love.  It has only gotten better with each day and I look forward to many more.

 Newlywed Abbie

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