Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trip to the Park

This is Sean, S., and Zoe.  It was a nice day.  Bill had taken them to the park.  I was working, so he took all of these pictures.  

Bill played tour guide for them.  He explained the history of the park and the surrounding areas. He is very proud of his state.  Bill informed them about the swinging bridge.

It is a walking bridge.  It is not a very wide or tall bridge.You can get a few people on it and jump up and down and you can really make it shake. 

In his youth,  Bill and his friends went to the swinging bridge and jump and then jump off and go swimming.  Not a lot of security back then or now come to think about it. 

I had done the same thing on one particular summer I was visiting my cousin. I would spend most summers visiting her in my childhood. She would take me to the same park and she showed me this bridge. She would tell me the cool thing about jumping up and down and making the bridge move.

I came from the city and the bridges I went on did not do this with the sheer force of two 80 pound 12 year old girls.   She taught me how to get over the rail and coaxed me into jumping off.  What an exhilaration that turned into sheer terror. I think I screamed all the way down. But when all was said and done, I love my cousin for introducing me to this wild adventure and being a risk taker.

Who knows? Bill and I may have been there at the same time in our adolescence.  In the many areas, that he took the kids on this particular day. 

I wish I could go back in time and see if I could spot him out. I know I would recognize him.  Gorgeous blue eyes, sandy blond hair, and a smile that would make a girl weak in the knees.

Okay. Back now.

Bill took them to the rose garden.  I love roses.

Zoe wanted to take a little walk. She walks so daintily.

Zoe was hamming it up for pappy.   She loves her Pappy.

I thought this was a good picture.  Bill took it himself and got a shot of two of our angels.

Missed a great day but knowing Bill,  I was always there through the stories he told.

Thrill Seeking Abbie

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